I believe you can get your life back.
Even if you've been told there's no hope, I believe you can experience more energy, less pain, and feel like yourself again.

Meet Michelle.

Hi there! My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m a Naturopathic Doctor turned  Empowerment Coach & Transformation Facilitator.

I have 3 post-secondary degrees that took 10 years to complete: a Bachelor of science in biomedical science, a Master of science in human biology and nutritional science both from the University of Guelph and a Naturopathic Doctor diploma from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I’m passionate about helping women struggling with fatigue, bloating, pain, and stubborn weight, especially from chronic and invisible illness like autoimmune disease and endometriosis.

I help women who’ve tried what seems like all the therapies and diets, including AIP, Keto, and especially Carnivore, and realize that they need to go deeper than just dietary changes to get the results they crave.

While diet’s important, it’s only a piece of the puzzle. More often than not, STRESS and unhealed emotions are common and major contributors to all of the symptoms I mentioned above, especially when they don’t improve with dietary changes and supplements. I call this the emotional roots to physical symptoms.

If you don’t get control over stress and emotions and heal your relationship with yourself, no amount of dietary changes, even down to Carnivore, will give you all the results you’re looking for. And even if you’re feeling some improvement, you won’t be able to successfully reintroduce foods again unless you get the stress response under control.

The thing is, getting control over stress and emotions goes much deeper than bubble baths and yoga poses – these activities, while relaxing, only manage symptoms of stress, they don’t deal with the stress response at the root.

What I do is help women completely transform their stress response, lead them back to themselves, and guide them to heal their relationship with themselves so that they can not only finally feel energetic, banish bloat, ease pain, and release excess weight, even if they’ve tried what seems like all the diets and therapies and nothing helped, but they can finally feel the level of self-acceptance, self-love, and inner-belongingness they had, underneath it all, been searching for.

When we work on this vital piece and transform it, the women I work with finally feel in control of their bodies, health, and their entire lives. They feel calm, confident, and comfortable in their bodies, often for the first time in their lives.

I don’t offer a magic pill solution, but what I do offer is a different way. You likely have never seen an approach like mine: Medical doctors don’t have the time to even consider the root causes, and most Functional medicine and alternative health practitioners are focused on the physical symptoms, rather than digging down and transforming the true root of these frustrating symptoms: your stress response.

You may have tried stress management activities, or have gone to see a therapist or counsellor, but often these approaches fall short. Relaxation techniques are helpful, but don’t address the root of why you respond to stress the way you do. And “top down” therapy approaches like CBT and meditation can be helpful for some, but for most of us hard-wired in our stress responses, starting at the level of the mind is difficult and often ineffective. We need to first train our nervous system to calm down.

My approach goes deeper than relaxation techniques, and it starts with a “bottom up” approach, so that you can feel calm in your body first, before you start to even think about managing your thoughts. Because that hamster wheel of whirring thoughts can be tricky to get a hold of if you try to start there – kind of like herding cats.

Once we get your nervous system calm, then we can start on the transformation that will improve every aspect of your life: your body, your health, relationships, and the level of happiness, love, and contentment you experience with absolutely everything, including yourself.

I wouldn’t be able to guide clients through this type of transformation had I not taken the journey myself, which I continue to explore as a lifelong process. My hope is to hold a shining light on the path for all those who are in the same place I’ve been, so they can find their way to more ease, peace, and freedom, as well.

Feeling stressed and out of control about your life and your body is not the way we were meant to live. There is another way. It’s not a magic pill, but if you’re willing to give it a go, it can give you the peace that you’re looking for.

The women I work with have often had to resort all the way to Carnivore before they found me. They’ve either not gotten all they results they wanted, or they’ve plateaued. Or, they’re ready to reintroduce foods, but find they’re reactive to everything they try.

Once we work together to transform their mindset and stress response, not only do they feel more energetic, calmer, and more comfortable, but they find their tolerance to different foods improves, so that they can finally reintroduce and create more dietary variety.

If you’ve tried what seems like all the diets and treatments, you’ve come to the realization that stress and emotions are a big root cause of your fatigue, bloating, pain, and stubborn weight, and you’re ready to transform your own stress response so you can finally be in control of your body and your whole life, you may be a fit for my 1:1 package, Empowered You.

Over the course of 6 months, I guide you through the process I described above, and so much more. We also work on finding the dietary choices that work best for you, I provide natural supplement suggestions that help calm your nervous system, and improve digestion and immune function, and if you’re into it, I also make personalized essential oil suggestions that help with mood and mindset shifting, to make the process go much more smoothly and easily.

While the program itself lasts 6 months so that we have the time to make the true transformational changes that will last forever, clients start experiencing more energy and mental clarity, less pain, and better sleep and digestion in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, and continue to feel better and better as they continue through the rest of the package.

Are you ready to get your life back, and even better? 

Two main support options:

Single personalized assessment and customized suggestions to get you kickstarted in the right direction to feeling better.

6-month guided 1:1 transformational program so you can transform emotional roots of physical symptoms and finally feel in control of your health, body, and entire life in every way.

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Who I'm here for:

I’m here to usher women with autoimmune & endometriosis back to their true & empowered selves and heal the roots of dis-ease, from the inside out.

To remind my fellow sensitives who have a shy, sensitive, or empath side to them that this gift is a true superpower, not a weakness.

To guide women to their own medicine within themselves, so they can develop a deep knowing of what’s best for them, now, and always.


I’m here to create a safe, non-judgemental, and supportive space so you can:

– Connect to your own inner knowing and regain your own sense of agency

– Not just survive, but flourish, despite experiencing chronic illness

– Step into your true self, purpose, and mission, filled with self-love, acceptance, and true fulfillment.


This space is for the woman who understands the confusion and frustration of being stuck in the liminality of chronic illness: that uncertain space in between being sick and being well.

She understands the helpless feeling of not knowing what her body will do from day to day, but she’s ready to move past the hopelessness and step into her own sense of agency and power.

She understands that stress, emotions, and most importantly, her relationship and relating with herself are important roots to be healed in order to experience true control over not only her health, but her entire life.

She’s ready to look within and take responsibility for her own healing – from the inside out.

Deeper than controlling symptoms with diet, although she sees the importance in dietary choices, and beyond looking to others for the answers that will “fix” her. 

She’s shed the self-defeating victim mindset, and she’s ready to step into a new paradigm of self-responsibility — which, in turn, delivers the elixir of calm control that supports every aspect of her body, mind and spirit: from nervous system regulation, immune & digestive function, hormone balance, and above all, emotional well-being. 

To the self-leaders who are ready to rise up from the ashes of illness, with the courage and determination to look within for their own answers, love, and healing.

To the self-healers that are willing to meet themselves fully, shed the labels and beliefs that no longer serve, and step into the power of their truth, so that they can find their own medicine within.

To the women committed to themselves and their journey of growth and healing by courageously going within and creating their own sense of self-belonging.

This is where true freedom in wellness lies.

Let’s guide ourselves home and find freedom together.

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Send me an email to Michelle @ wellbalance.ca

Why do I focus on helping women with these conditions?

I myself have battled with endometriosis and autoimmune conditions, and through my personal and clinical experience, along with my love of keeping up-to-date with current research, I’ve created a unique approach that gets to the root cause of chronic illness symptoms.

I use a blend of functional physiology, nutrition, mindfulness, and emotional regulation work to help women regain control of their bodies and their lives, so they can feel less confused and frustrated, and become more calm, empowered, and confident.

I help women not only control the symptoms associated with their physical conditions, but resolve the emotional and stress-related roots of their physical symptoms, for more effective and long-term control and resolution.

I help you to dig deep, find your personal power, and discover a healthier, happier, and more energetic you.

Women with endometriosis & autoimmune have suffered long enough without answers or hope.

My mission is to help you figure out your answers, give you hope, and help you feel like you again.

Ready to look at your life differently?

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

Let me help you

I know how confusing it can be to not know what to do to get relief from fatigue, pain, bloating, brain fog, and all those other debilitating symptoms that go along with endometriosis & autoimmune.

I offer a limited number of complimentary Clarity Calls per month, where I will help you get deep clarity on what’s keeping you stuck feeling this way and what the next best step is for you on your path to feeling well again. 

If you’re ready to uncover what’s keeping you feeling the way you are, this is an opportunity for you to gain clarity on how to finally restore your energy and get relief from your symptoms so you can feel like you again.

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