Are you Thriving or just Surviving...or worse??

Having a chronic illness like Endometriosis or an Autoimmune condition doesn't mean you're destined to feel exhausted and in pain forever. You can get your life back. And even achieve remission.

Even if you've tried what seems like every diet or therapy.

You CAN be an Empowered Woman with EndoImmune

Empowered with Endoimmune is a comprehensive and supportive 1:1 strategy & coaching program for motivated women with endometriosis or autoimmune conditions who are ready to reclaim wellness and get control over not only their health, but their whole lives.

Even if they’ve already tried what seems like everything.

Stop guessing at what’s going to work.

You’ve tried all the diets you can think of, from gluten-free and dairy-free to paleo, AIP, low carb, Keto, and even Carnivore. 

Maybe you’ve had some success, but hardly what you’d expected from all the work you’ve put in to making these changes. 

You find yourself sensitive to almost every food, and it’s just getting worse.

You’ve tried the pills and surgeries your doctor suggested, but it hasn’t really been helpful, the side effects are dreadful, and if you’ve had surgery for endometriosis, it only ended up coming back.

You’ve tried some natural supplements you read about online. So you try it, and it doesn’t help.

You’re frustrated and confused as to what you can do to get the relief you want.

The problem is none of these approaches get to the ROOT CAUSE of why you’re struggling with symptoms.

Unless you address the root causes, you’re not going to get the results that you want.

Get to the root cause to get results.

At the root of both endometriosis and autoimmune conditions is the immune system. It’s not functioning the way that it should, which is called immune dysfunction.

The reasons for this immune dysfunction are multifactorial, as are the multitude of biochemical reactions which lead to your symptoms.

So taking a supplement or medication that addresses just one of those reactions doesn’t address all the others that lead to inflammation, fatigue, pain, and more.

And cutting out endometriosis with surgery doesn’t address the underlying immune dysfunction – even if you are lucky to get excision surgery to cut it out at the root. Which is why symptoms can come back.

Dietary changes can help reduce inflammatory reactions and immune triggering, but only manage symptoms. 

Studies show that an imbalanced STRESS RESPONSE is a major trigger for immune dysfunction, and all the symptoms that go along with it. Not only can stress trigger symptoms, but make them progress and worsen over time.

Both acute and long-term stress can be triggers and instigators for these conditions.

The key is, it’s not the stress per se that’s the problem, we can’t live in a bubble. It’s your reaction to stress. This is what sets off all physiological reactions.

This goes way beyond just learning some techniques to suppress your stress, but addressing and transforming how you think about and react to stress, challenges, and life in general. That’s what will support your immune system to regain a balanced, homeostatic state.

I use a very unique method that truly gets to the root of conditions of immune dysfunction, by getting to the root and transforming stress responses.

I do the following things:

1) Calm the nervous system and stress response using a simple yet effective step-by-step method that clears the distractions and noise in order to start from a balanced foundation

2) Uncover and understand the true roots of your stress responses that keep you stuck in cycles of frustration, pain, and struggle, both mentally and physically. When you start to see the pieces of your own puzzle, you’ll know exactly how everything fits together and what you want to change. This empowers you in so many ways.

3) Flip and restructure your perspective on how you see, think about, and respond to stress and everything else in life in a new and more productive way

4) Support and nourish the new positive changes, perspectives, self-regulation and emotional intelligence you’re developing about yourself, relationships, and all aspects of your life so that it becomes a permanent part of who you are. This is what creates long-term improvement of your symptoms.

5) Create and build the life you truly want in all areas with contentment, joy, and fulfillment, and more. This includes your body, health, relationships, career, and everything else.

I use a combination of tools, exercises, and in-depth coaching, along with personalized supplements and essential oil blend suggestions that support the whole process listed above and make it even more effective.

In addition, I provide dietary guidance. As we go through the above steps, we do a step-by-step food reintroduction, after first doing a specific dietary reset for about 4 weeks – either a meat-only or a modified low-carbohydrate Autoimmune paleo (AIP) reset. This dietary reset allows us to start from scratch to get a baseline understanding of how your body runs without common immune triggering foods in your diet. It also gives your immune system a break and helps clear any residual inflammation, which will give you a starting point for better symptom management.

For the food reintroduction process, we follow a specific order of foods, starting with those that are least likely to be reactive. We reintroduce one food at a time, so that you know exactly how you respond and react to each food. This provides clarity, valuable information, and gives you a sense of empowerment, because then you know exactly what works for you.

As we do the deep mindset and stress management transformation work as listed above, immune tolerance for foods tends to improve, even if you have many food sensitivities. When the nervous system is in a stressed state, it can aggravate immune reactivity and food sensitivity. Therefore, once we calm the stress response, the immune system has a chance to right itself and regain its optimal homeostatic balance.

Those that do this work with me find that not only do they feel calmer and more in control of their lives, but they experience more energy, better quality sleep, less pain, and their digestion improves. All the things they were hoping to find with the strict diet they were following, but didn’t experience, or not as much as they’d hoped.

For those who require more advanced hormone, endocrine, and digestive support, I offer an add-on option with my colleague Dr. Jay Wrigley, who provides targeted and customized natural supplement advice for issues and symptoms associated with menopause, PCOS, PMDD, infertility, and thyroid issues.

Qualification Criteria for each Empowered with EndoImmune Client

There is a qualification process required for admittance to the program. I personally deliver customized 1:1 transformational coaching, and can only work with a select number of empowered women at a time who are ready and motivated to go through this unique process as outlined above. 


I need to make sure you’re ready and open, because although I provide you with the necessary tools, information, guidance, personalized troubleshooting, support and accountability, the only way you’ll get the results is if you meet me with the same level of willingness and desire to transform your health and your life.


This program isn’t for everyone. But for who it’s for, it’s truly life-changing in every way.

This IS for:

This IS NOT for:

In this life-changing package, you get:

Everything included here will help you finally feel in control of not only your symptoms & condition, but your entire life.

This offer is an investment in the low-to-mid-4-figure range. Monthly payment plans are available to make this transformation more accessible.

We decide together which option is the best fit for you, including whether you would benefit from additional hormone & metabolic support from women’s hormone expert Dr. Jay Wrigley.  

This investment in yourself and the transformation you’ll achieve not only benefits your health, but your whole life in every way.

This program improves not only your sense of sense of calm, confidence, and happiness, but the quality of all of your relationships in every aspect. Pain and flare days become few and far between if not non-existent, and if they do arise, you’ll handle them more easily, and they pass much more quickly. As a side benefit, unwanted weight is released.

You’ll not only feel more energetic and clear-headed, you’ll be in control of pain, bloating, and any other symptoms, as well as feeling in control of every aspect of your life. Clients start to feel the benefits in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, and continue to feel better and better throughout the course of the 6-month program.

Women who have gone through this program have not only gotten control over physical symptoms and conditions, but have healed failing marriages, found more fulfillment from their jobs, got back to participating in favourite hobbies and discovered new ones, and even received raises at work as a direct result of their new & improved outlook, attitude, and performance. 

Your whole outlook on life changes in miraculous ways. It’s truly life-changing work.

Help from someone who's been there.

I understand how difficult it is to live with unrelenting symptoms of endometriosis and autoimmune. I myself had declined so badly I was bed-bound for months. My life was slipping away. I had tried everything I could think of given my knowledge as a Naturopathic Doctor, but nothing was working.

Determined to find answers, I dove into the scientific research and started to put puzzle pieces together for myself.

Combining these new findings with my practitioner experience, I created a unique and unconventional process that was the only thing that worked to give me my life back and get me on my feet again. I have yet to see another offer quite like this, nor as comprehensive.

Now that I’m energetic again and feel even better than ever, I want to use what I discovered to help women going through what I did to get control over symptoms that are ruining their lives, so they can finally feel like themselves again – and even better.

Women I’ve worked with have repeatedly told me that they feel a sense of calm and peace, with more energy and mental clarity, and that pain, bloating, and digestive issues have improved, and in many cases, resolved. 

Most importantly, they tell me they feel empowered, and finally feel a sense of control over not only their symptoms, but their whole lives.

It is possible to overcome fatigue, pain, brain fog, and bloating. It is possible to get your life back, and look and feel your age again. For some people, remission is even possible. Even if you’ve already tried what seems like everything.

 The sooner you start, the more likely all of this is possible for you.

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND
Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

Get your life back, starting now.

What past clients have said:

Michelle spent quality time asking probing questions to find the root causes of my autoimmune issues. She was able to zero in on issues that had not occurred to me. Michelle has deep experience and offered clever tips for food swaps I never would have considered.

We not only talked about food and health concerns, she asked me about my stress levels and offered a mountain of suggestions. We even got to talking about my DNA, too. She was generous with her time, and her expertise was a shining light. She is amazing.

I have mental clarity and tons of energy. I sleep like a rock. My skin looks great. My muscles are toned. My hair and nails grow fast and strong. My autoimmune condition is now in remission
There is such a difference between seeing someone who is trained to fix symptoms and someone who is trained to dig down to the root cause. At the risk of sounding like a hippie, it's a nurturing process that leaves you feeling cared for and listened to. She was immeasurably supportive throughout this journey.
I learned so much that changed my life! Michelle is very gifted at understanding the underlying issues that cause common health issues and that helped me understand that I need to get to the root of the issue before assuming I have a major issue.

If I were speaking to a friend who’s considering working with Michelle, I would say she will be great to help figure out the root of any health issue and that working with her will be life changing!

If I hadn’t worked with Michelle, I would still be struggling with trauma that I didn't even know I was dealing with. I would still be trying to desperately find out why I wasn’t getting results.
Working with Dr. Jay and Michelle has been like such a breath of fresh air into solving issues I have had most of my life. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. So many things have changed for the better for me since working with them.

The best part about working with Michelle was taking a deeper look at my lifestyle, how I take care of myself as far as stress management and self-care goes. It was not a "here just eat this" approach at all. It was much more comprehensive.

The other best part was being able to describe my symptoms and have someone hear me, hear what I was saying about my symptoms and say to me "yeah, I hear you, I know how to help you and I'm going to help you."  That's invaluable. 

If you think you're working with Michelle as a nutritionist or naturopath, you have to realize she is so much more than that.  She really is a therapist and she'll have you really thinking about things that you never thought you would. Her insight into the root cause is invaluable for treatment.

Michelle was able to go beneath the surface to underlying issues that prevented me from choosing healthy lifestyle practices. The questions she asked were spot-on in terms of uncovering things in my past and current life that are holding me back from my best life. Her ability and encouragement to reframe negatives have helped, too.

I feel more hopeful about making the changes I need and am much more aware of areas in my life where I am being held back and where I need to change my thinking to give me freedom to enjoy life and improve my health. The thoughtful questions and insights she shared, and her good listening helped me get there. I felt cared about and understood.

Before I worked with Michelle, I thought the only thing I needed to improve my health is to adjust my diet and treat physical symptoms with supplements. I liked her deep-dive approach into mindset and emotional issues. While it felt uncomfortable at times to do this work, it was what I needed and what I continue to need to get well and have the kind of life I really want. This is a unique approach I’ve never before experienced.

Michelle goes deep and gets to the heart of the issues that will help you heal in the deepest and most meaningful sense - so that you can be free and whole. Working with her isn’t always easy - it can be demanding - but you won’t regret it. In fact, you will be tremendously thankful that you did.

Mary V.

To sum things up Michelle looks at not only food, but the mental and physical aspects of what I'm going through currently which is affecting my body.

Her way of talking to me has always been one of gentleness. Michelle is calm, non-judgemental, very informative, a great listener, and has a well-rounded practice of healing the whole body versus just the pain.

If I hadn’t started working with her, I would still be in the dark about what to do to fix a pain that had started to be chronic. The care I have received from her has been top notch.


Even with the life struggles I am doing really good thanks to Michelle!  People around me have noticed and are asking my secret to this new found look on life.

I have learned a lot and am putting it all to use. I feel the education I received and the positive changes I have experienced was worth the investment.


My life has gone from being bored, lonely, and grieving - and not being able to figure out what to do about it - to being perfect, with great thanks to Michelle for her guidance. Life is almost too good to handle now.


The team’s 360 approach to address the root cause was extremely impactful to help me build sustainable, healthy habits. I feel much more in control now. I am making healthier choices, prioritizing my health, I have a better understanding of the foods that serve and don’t serve my body, and I have more tools to better handle stressors in my life.

Michelle has a kind and compassionate approach, I never felt judged. She helped me find and address the root causes and examine the why and what behind what I was struggling with. This wasn’t a bandaid to issues, it was a holistic approach that got to the root.


Refund Policy

While I’m unable to provide refunds for session time already used in any program offering, to provide you with peace of mind, should you truly feel the program is not the right fit for you and you qualify as per the details explained below, remaining 1:1 sessions will be reimbursed.

In order to receive reimbursement, you must have given this program an honest shot and tried the suggestions provided to you. This will be determined via an exit application.

I am so confident of the transformation provided in this program that if we both confirm this program is a right fit for you through the application process, you won’t feel the need to request a reimbursement for remaining sessions. Not one client has taken me up on this policy to date, but this policy will hopefully provide you with peace of mind for your investment in yourself and your transformation.

How this program is different

This is a unique approach that addresses an often ignored but extremely important root cause of autoimmune and endometriosis symptoms.

The stress response can affect body physiology in innumerable ways, which can worsen symptoms and even trigger these conditions in the first place. This is what’s called the root cause.

Looking at and addressing this important root cause is important to attain true control over symptoms of these conditions, rather than just suppressing them.

The problem is, symptoms will come back once you stop suppressing them if you don’t get to the root. Doing this is like putting duct tape over a “check engine” light so you don’t have to see the flashing light. It’s more effective long-term to actually go in and find what the problem is and correct it. The check-engine light will stop flashing, and the car will run much better, for a lot longer.

For this and many other reasons, Empowered with EndoImmune is different than the majority of programs out there for women with endometriosis or autoimmune conditions.

Getting to the root causes by addressing the immune system, gut health, hormones, stress and mindset, and so much more, you’ll achieve a level of transformation that you won’t experience from a five-minute appointment in the medical system.

And if you’ve seen naturopathic or functional medicine practitioners, they will often address the physical root causes, but often ignore the emotional roots, including stress and mindset, and more often than not don’t take the time to really dive in to creating a mindset transformation. Stress management is much more than just doing some yoga poses. It’s transforming how you respond to stress in the first place.

This Approach in Empowered with EndoImmune gets right to the roots of both the physical and mental contributing factors to your symptoms, and supports your from multiple angles to get the best results possible, so that you can not only feel in control of your health, but your entire life.

My Promise to You:

This program is a comprehensive and supportive program that will guide and inform you to make the best decisions for yourself, your health, and your whole life. It’s a unique combination of personalized step-by-step strategies and emotional support to provide you with a more thorough transformation both physically and mentally, so that all aspects of your life are improved in every way.

My promise to you is that I will be there with you throughout the program, giving you my undivided attention, knowledge, and support at each session. I will listen and you will feel heard. I will communicate with you what needs to be done to get you where you need and want to go. You will always understand the what’s and why’s of every step we take together. When you understand the why, you’ll feel much more in control of your health and your choices.

I promise to always uphold my end of the agreement to Empower you to feel your best.In order, however, for you to achieve the results you desire, you also have to meet me with an equal promise. You must promise to be willing to try the changes suggested, as outlined in the Triad Method described above. It’s important to show up and be open-minded and willing to explore your options. You must be willing to accept that some of the changes you make must be long-term in order to maintain lifelong benefits. Of course, once you experience the benefits, you’ll be motivated to maintain your new way of living, thinking, and being. The long-term gains are worth it in every single way.

I will provide you with the tools, information, tips, guidance, motivation, inspiration, and support to help you make all the necessary adjustments that will help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of. 

For you to achieve the results you want, you must make a promise to YOURSELF to become Empowered and make the changes and choices that will give you control over your health and your life. I can’t do that for you, but I can guide and support you towards your success. When you fulfill your promise to yourself, life-changing results happen in so many ways.

Get the support you need so you can become Empowered with Endometriosis or Autoimmune.

Unlike other programs and treatments that just focus on managing symptoms, Empowered with EndoImmune gets to the root of it all, for effective and long-term results. Which is why it helps even if you’ve already tried what seems like all the diets and treatments.

Getting to the root means diving deeper than just making dietary changes, although it is an important part.

If you show up for yourself, you’ll experience a transformation of both body and mind that will get you feeling better in every way. So you can not only feel like yourself again, but better.


It’s possible to get control of your symptoms, and for some, even achieve remission. The sooner you get started, the more likely these results are possible.

Don’t just exist. Live your best life. Despite your conditions.

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