About Me

My name is Michelle Dowker. I guide Highly sensitives, empaths, and neurodivergents to shed the conditioning that’s holding them back and awaken to the power they have within themselves to heal and stand up for their life, so they can feel confident and free.

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor turned Intuitive Guide and Inner Awakening Facilitator, and have over 20 years of combined formal education and clinical experience, and many additional certifications, including Master Certified Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.

I used to feel confused and overwhelmed by other people’s stuff—their reactions, emotions, criticisms, comments—and believed it was because I was too sensitive & needed “fixing”, because that’s what I’d been taught to believe.

I was always working to ensure everyone around me was happy, prioritizing their needs and opinions over my own—because I wanted to feel like I belonged.

And I believed if I could just make everything perfect, people would accept me.

Saying no and creating boundaries felt scary and impossible because I was afraid of the rejection and anger that it could cause.

All of this inner stress impacted my health, worsening conditions of endometriosis & autoimmunity, kept me locked in the grips of CPTSD, and held me back from living the life I truly wanted to live.

A dark night of the soul after the passing of my mother pushed me into a journey of inner awakening, self-realization, and deep emotional healing.

It was then that I finally realized other’s reactions are projections of their own stuff & had nothing to do with me.

And that my response to their reactions have everything to do with my own lack of acceptance of MYSELF.

I discovered that Unconditioning™  from limiting beliefs, re-mothering & developing loving compassion for myself, and establishing deep self-trust of my intuitive knowing created an inner perspective shift that changed everything about how I see, think about, and interact with life—including with myself.

I finally saw I wasn’t broken. And I realized through this process my sensitivity was my superpower, magic, and gift to the world.

This new perspective changed everything about my life, from my health to relationships, and the level of joy, purpose, sense of identity, and inner fulfillment I experience.

It has since become my passion to guide sensitives like me back home to themselves and the magic they possess within. I’ve put my own life’s work, knowledge, and experience into the offerings I’ve created.

My unique transformational process guides you to healing, trusting, and skyrocketing your relationship with yourself.

When you transform your inner relationship, you feel more calm, clear, and confident about yourself and who you are, your boundaries, and the magnificent power you truly possess within yourself.

This inner awakening produces a sense of freedom like no other. It’s a shift in perspective that changes everything about your life in every way.

It’s a truly life-changing experience. For the person who’s ready to create their own inner paradigm shift, the only regret is that they didn’t start sooner.

I hope you find something here that will suit your needs on your journey to help you skyrocket to your next level of inner power and liberation.

If you know it’s your time to achieve the same and more, I’d love to hear from you. Email me at

You can also learn about my self-study online program here, and my transformative, life-changing 1:1 mentorships here

About You

You’re a sensitive at heart. You may resonate with terms like empath or Highly Sensitive Person.

Your inner world is deep and complex. You don’t play in the superficial. You’re not one for small talk.

You enjoy learning to understand; especially about yourself. You know that’s where you feel most empowered.

You like to see people around you happy or content, or at the very least not upset or uncomfortable; especially when it comes to you and your presence.

You’ve dimmed your light, kept yourself small, avoided taking up space, and kept your voice soft in order not to upset anyone.

Because when they’re not happy, you feel their discomfort deeply.

You’ve found you have a tendency to put other’s needs before your own in order to help them feel better. Or you want to dive in and help them or fix the situation if you see them suffering or struggling.

But you’ve realized that this tendency to people please, peace keep, and fix or save others is not actually helpful—for them or for you.

You’ve found this pattern has left you at some point burning out, growing resentful, feeling lost, confused, and lacking a sense of direction or self-identity.

You see that this pattern not only affects your mind and soul, but your physical health in many ways, with varying symptoms from fatigue and brain fog, to pain, digestive troubles, and chronic illnesses that doctors have no answers for.

You spent so long serving others that you forgot about yourself.

You’ve had what would be considered a good life, but something is missing.

You see now it’s your time.

You’ve tried all the other ways.

You’ve given your all to everyone else and you realize it’s not delivering the results you expected.

You can’t control others, no matter how hard you try.

No matter how “perfect” you make things.

No matter if you plan and prepare to say “just the right thing”.

Trying to “fix” yourself is a futile effort, because, dear one, you aren’t broken.

And punishing, criticizing, and shaming yourself just makes the whole cycle worse.

What does help is to look within yourself with the sensitive, caring, empathic eyes you see the rest of the world through.

Befriend the one person that will always be with you through thick or thin: yourself

Develop deep compassion and reverence for yourself

And learn how to decode and truly trust your own inner guidance system

So you always know the way

The way back home to yourself.

It’s this homecoming and re-membering that brings you into your power, your centre.

The calm, confident place where you see your worth and trust your own wisdom.

In this place, you’re less affected by other people and their stuff.

In this place, you feel joyful, fulfilled, and filled with ease.

Life unfolds differently.

You see it differently.

And life responds to you differently.

All of it. Including the people in it.

This goes deeper than tools or techniques to manage symptoms, moods, stress, and emotions.

This is more impactful than protocols, diets, therapy, or counselling.

This is an awakening to you.

An understanding of your true nature—underneath all the layers of social conditioning you’ve unconsciously picked up all these years.

It changes your life.

But not because you become someone different.

You become more of who you really are, from your core.

You step out of the boxes of expectation & limiting beliefs that have been keeping you small.

You Uncondition from what’s limiting your greatness

And re-member who you are.

A beautiful transformation that creates a sense of inner liberation that can’t be described with words—it can only be experienced.

It’s an inner paradigm shift. In the way you see & think about things.

When that shifts, everything else follows in a beautiful dance of connection.

It does require a willingness. To show up for yourself. To look at yourself.

And when you do, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it.

The work pays off in spades.

With a realization that this was the key that unlocks the very thing you were search for, in more ways than you could had even imagined.

I speak from personal experience; I’ve journeyed this road, and guided many others along this path.

You’ll discover the thing you were searching for all along is you.

And it will transform your life in magnificent ways.

You’re ready for it.

You know this is your time.

Facts about Michelle

Here's some fun facts so you can get to know me a little better!

Medic Experience

I was a medical assistant in the Canadian Army Reserves for five years while in University. I learned so much, including how to use a rifle, and even won awards for accuracy!

I've taught my hunter husband a few tips about shooting and have started game hunting myself, with a crossbow. We're working towards homesteading & self-sustainable living.


I used to participate in triathlons, duathlons, and marathons, and took a summer job once as a bicycle courier, riding over 100km every single day.

I learned a lot about perseverance during this adventurous time of my life.


I have an Honours Bachelor of Science in biomedical science, a Master of Science in human biology & nutritional science, both from the University of Guelph, Canada, and a four-year Naturopathic Doctor diploma, from the accredited Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

Some may call me a sucker for punishment. I call myself a passionate learner, who, as you can see in this graduation photo, also has a silly side.

My Health

I have endometriosis, an autoimmune condition, several allergies, and have battled with CPTSD. At one point, my conditions were so severe, the only thing that got me back on my feet was the meat-only carnivore diet, after trying everything else in my toolbox as a Naturopathic Doctor.

I’ve since improved my health symptoms and reintroduced some foods using this deeper inner healing and awakening work I now guide my clients through. It’s produced deeper, more profound results than I’ve ever seen in over a decade of experience as a clinical practitioner.

My Sensitivity

I’m a highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who feels the feels and is especially sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. I don’t do small talk well, and prefer instead to go deep with thought-provoking conversation. This benefits the quality of my work in countless ways, along with my deep connection to my intuition.

HSP is also called Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS), and is considered a neurodivergent trait, meaning the nervous system processes more inputs than average. Since understanding this about myself, I’ve been able to harness this trait as a superpower, and guide my clients how to do the same.

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