If you’re ready to uncover what’s keeping you stuck feeling the way you are, this is an opportunity for you to break through & gain clarity on how to finally restore your energy and get relief from your symptoms, so you can feel like you again.
Breakthrough Session with Michelle

I understand these feelings because I've been through it, and I know how hopeless it can feel when you've tried everything you can think of but you're still struggling.

I know how confusing it can be to not know what to do to get relief from fatigue, pain, bloating, brain fog, and all those other debilitating symptoms that go along with endometriosis & autoimmune.

I've managed to get control over my own endometriosis & autoimmune condition.

I dug into the scientific research to find some real answers- ones that aren't common knowledge in the medical system YET. I combined this revolutionary knowledge with my experience as a Naturopathic Doctor and created an approach that gets to the root of your symptoms, so you can be rid of them once and for all.

And now I want to share what I learned with you, and help you get clarity so you can feel like yourself again and get back to the things in life you want.

"Thank you so much for your help!" - Socorro

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

The main purpose of a Breakthrough session with me is to give you an opportunity to share your story so that I can better understand what the root causes are that are contributing to your specific situation.

During your free session, you'll get clarity on what's keeping you stuck feeling the way you do, and what steps you need to take in your particular situation to restore your energy and get relief from your symptoms.

By the end of your clarity session, you'll be clear on why you haven't seen results, and what to do to get the results you want. You'll have the knowledge and empowerment you need to take the next steps to feeling well again. You'll also learn more about how we could work together to help you achieve the results you're looking for.

I'm offering these free 30-minute clarity calls as a service for you, but I only have a limited number of spots per month, so it's an application-only process. Priority goes to applicants with the highest needs.

"For anyone hesitating, don't. Michelle helped me in just one conversation. She is smart, and one of the nicest women I have had the pleasure of speaking with" - Dana

What keeps you feeling unwell?

As a practitioner who's worked with hundreds of women struggling with fatigue, pain, bloating, foggy thinking and more, I often see common issues appear over and over again. Some of these include:


Your dietary choices can affect your physical symptoms to a great degree. Foods that trigger inflammation will keep you stuck in a cycle of progressing symptoms and flare-ups.

However, even some foods we consider "healthy" may for some be triggering or inflammatory. Even choices in the Autoimmune Paleo diet can, for some, contribute to their symptoms depending on what else is going on.

Dietary choices can especially be a problem when there's underlying issues that haven't been addressed, like intestinal inflammation, impaired intestinal motility, hormone imbalances, physical and emotional stress, toxin exposure, and more.

What an inflammatory diet looks like: You may be experiencing digestive troubles including bloating, heartburn, diarrhea and/or consitpation, joint pain, skin breakouts, foggy thinking, frequent infections, sinus problems, headaches, exhaustion, and more. You have a feeling something you're eating might be contributing how you're feeling, but you just can't piece it together, or you've figured out a few of the foods that are problematic, but you're still experiencing reactions.


Stress has proven to be a trigger and causative factor for conditions of immune dysfunction, including autoimmune conditions, endometriosis, and more.

This may be low-level stress that's accumulated over time, or an acute stress which has triggered your symptoms to express. Either way, if you don't have effective ways to manage stressful feelings and regulate your nervous system, this can contribute to your condition and symptoms.

What unmanaged stress looks like: You may have a hard time focusing on what you're doing, foggy thinking, poor memory recall, feeling short, snappy, and low on patience, feeling tired, overwhelmed, burnt out, and so much more.


This is a common theme I see with many of the women I work with. They're so busy taking care of everything and everyone else in their lives, that they have little to nothing left to look after themselves. They put themselves last on their priority list, because they just don't feel like they have enough time.

Do you take time for you? It's so common to feel guilty about making yourself a priority, and so, your needs often go unmet.

What putting yourself last on your priority list looks like: You feel tired and exhausted, and overwhelmed at all the things that need to get done. You're starting to feel resentment at all the things you're expected to do, and at the people who expect them from you. You'd like to take a minute for yourself, but you just feel like you can't and you don't know how long you can do this.

"You helped me more thank you know" - Lynn

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

I want to help.

If you’re ready to get clarity on what’s keeping you stuck feeling tired and unwell, and what steps will get you relief so you can feel like yourself again, then a clarity call with me will give you the knowledge and empowerment you need to restore your energy and get relief from your symptoms.

I offer a limited number of these free sessions per month.

If this sounds up your alley, I invite you to apply for a Clarity Session and get get more clarity for yourself NOW.