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I'm Michelle.

My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m a Naturopathic Doctor turned Empowerment Coach & Transformation Facilitator.

I understand how frustrating it is to deal with unrelenting symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, bloating, and pain. I myself have endometriosis and an autoimmune condition. 

Diet & supplements only got me so far to improve my well-being when I was knocked down with the worst flare of my life.

I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated with my body & health, and I believed if I could just follow a dietary & supplement protocol strictly enough I would recover.

Then I realized these things only helped to a degree, even though I had whittled all the way down to AIP then further down meat-only Carnivore — my results plateaued & my sensitivity to foods got continuously worse.

I dug deep and figured out how to get myself the result of the results I was looking for, and now help women with mystery symptoms & chronic illnesses break free from the frustration & overwhelm of trying all the diets, supplements, medications, and therapy to no avail, and finally achieve the level of energy, health, relationships, career, joy, and purpose they know they deserve — by guiding them to their own Inner Healer.

I have limited spots available each month for women who’ve tried all the approaches and are ready to dive deep into self-healing so they can liberate themselves from what holds them back from achieving the body, health, and life they really want.

And for the rest, I have been stockpiling my best content that have helped people gain clarity to help them along their path. It’s all in my free content vault.

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