Turn your sensitivity into a superpower
Feel calm, centred, confident, and clear
No matter what others are doing

Are you ready to dive deep into your growth work so you can finally feel in control of life, no matter what’s happening around you?

If so, You’re in the right place.

I can’t tell you how often I talk to people who feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotional reactions and judgements and don’t know how to keep their centre.

Especially those of us who identify with nervous system traits like Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or empath.

They tell me “When other people get upset or their energy is off, I automatically think it’s my fault and I go into worry overdrive and completely lose my sense of self”.

Can you relate?

If so, Ignite is what you’ve been waiting for.

In this 6-week group coaching program, I will help you go from confused, anxious, and playing small to feeling calm and confident with yourself and trusting your own inner knowing.

I can do this because I’ve been where you are…

I know what it takes to trust yourself and stop worrying about what other people think.

Not so long ago, I was allowing other people’s expectations, opinions, and reactions to rule who I was and what I did. I was people pleasing and playing small, and I was burning out and becoming resentful.

I had a difficult time creating and maintain healthy boundaries with others out of fear of their reaction. I was doing things in my life I didn’t enjoy because I thought I had to, that I had no other choice.

I knew I was meant for more, and I knew that I wasn’t being fully myself.

I realized that conditioning from long ago was impacting my relationship with myself and any amount of trust I had in myself.

Once I shed those limiting stories, patterns, and beliefs and developed compassionate personal acceptance, I started trusting my own judgement over other’s opinions.

It ignited my power within. It helped me harness my sensitive nature as an HSP as a superpower instead of believing it was a weakness or I was broken.

Now I feel in control of my life instead of feeling like life is controlling me.

Other people’s emotions and opinions no longer throw me into a whirlwind of confusion and insecurity as they once did.

I realize now I get to choose how I want to live my life and how I want to feel, at every single moment. That other’s expectations don’t have to rule me. 

And because I feel confident in my own truth, identity, needs, and desires, setting healthy boundaries with others comes naturally, as a benefit of finally understanding my worth and what I deserve.

In addition to my own experience, I’ve helped dozens of people achieve the same results—liberation from worry, developing personal empowerment, and a strong sense of self-understanding, calm confidence, and personal control like they’ve never experienced.

"Working with Michelle is like a balm for the soul you didn't even know you needed"

Michelle truly understands how to strip down the layers of the onion to really get to the heart of the issue. She helped me understand where my thoughts and beliefs come from, how they help me or don’t help me, and how to create beliefs that are beneficial and in alignment with my truth

I gained more than I ever thought I needed working with Michelle. She has helped me beyond measure not only recover from 2020 and all of its challenges, but I now have a more comprehensive set of tools to deal with future challenges without losing myself in the process.

Michelle is brilliantly insightful, unfailing in her empathy and warmth and truly insightful. Absolutely brilliant in every way.

If you truly want to learn how to be your best self physically, mentally, and emotionally, Michelle will help you find the way to your truth and your answers.

— Rebecca

Your journey towards Igniting your inner power:

You may have had your power taken from you at some point in your life.

You may have been conditioned to believe you’re not good enough or there’s something wrong with you.

For me, I was deemed too sensitive and too much by family, society, and culture that didn’t know how to handle that.

But as a sovereign adult now, you can awaken to the realization that no matter what your past delivered, you have the choice and ability to reclaim your power now. Your strength. The very essence of who you are.

And in that realization, you can choose a new path for yourself. One of healing and restoration. One of inner power. One of joy, wonderment, and purpose.

Become your own beacon of inner light along your healing path. This will illuminate your way more clearly and brightly than anything else.

Even if you’ve tried what seems like everything: therapy, journalling, meditation, yoga, and all the rest.

Even if you’ve looked to all the practitioners and protocols to give you the answers and healing you’ve been desperately searching for.

The path to deep inner healing and awakening your inner power isn’t an external destination.

It's a path back home to yourself.

An inner paradigm and perspective shift that changes everything and redirects you.

Towards the calm centre in the eye of the storm—where you will find stability and confidence, no matter what storm of life is brewing around you.

Being in your own centre helps prevent you from being swept away by other people and their hurricanes.

Especially when people are in their own storms of stressful and chaotic dramas.

And especially when others react in a critical, triggered, or unpredictable way towards you.

Because their reactions have everything to do with them, not you.

At one point in my own life, other people’s reactions would have overwhelmed me and spiralled me into self-destructive cycles of doubt, anxiety, confusion, and even shame.

Now, I can see their reactions for what they are, and I remain confident in my centre and my inner knowing.

Shifting my perspective, accepting myself, trusting my inner knowing, and claiming my power ended the destructive cycle of doubt and shame that was holding me back.

And it changed everything.

This is the journey to self empowerment.

This is how you ignite your inner power.

I have found through my 20 years experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, and innumerable additional trainings and certifications, including Master Certified Life Coach and breathwork facilitatior, a unique step-by-step process to achieve this inner paradigm shift and awaken inner power.

I use a specialized blend of perspective-shifting teachings, nervous system regulation tools, somatic and subconscious re-wiring through Conscious Connected Breathwork practices, guided visualizations, reflection exercises, and much more, so that you can find your own centre in the eye of the storm and feel calm, clear, and confident within yourself no matter what’s happening around you.

I guide you through a journey of unconditioning from all the patterns and programming that no longer serve you, so that you can better understand what's underneath all the layers of external programming and achieve confident clarity on who you are and what you no longer have to carry.

Then, you begin to develop deep personal acceptance of yourself with loving compassion, so you can start seeing yourself and life in an entirely new way. This changes everything. When you change the way you see, the world within your and all around you changes, in magnificent ways.

Finally, you will learn how to calibrate your compass of inner knowing, so you can truly trust yourself with every decision you make, and no longer be blown off your centre by external influences, including other people.

This is how you Ignite your inner power and put an end to emotional overwhelm— no matter what happens around you.

Watch this video for a program overview:

The Program Pillars:

Content breakdown:

Week One

Learn the foundational keys and tools to feeling in control of yourself and your life so you can feel more empowered and prevent overwhelm, even if life around you feels chaotic.

Nervous system regulation practices will be emphasized this week to set your body and mind up for the new perspectives you will achieve throughout the rest of the program—so that these shifts can last a lifetime

Week Two

Identify & understand social & familial conditioning and how it impacts your life now. Uncondition from what’s holding you back and break the cycles that have been controlling you, so that you can feel confident with your own identity and the choices that are best suited for you, not based on other's judgements or expectations.

Breathwork session: aware, release, rise up

Week Three

Meet and connect with yourself and your inner child to begin the inner healing and integration process.

Discover what you’ve been really wanting all along—so you can see with crystal clarity where you want to go with your life now, and going forward and move towards more confidence, joy, and satisfaction.

Q&A live group coaching session

Week Four

Develop self-compassion and deliver on your deepest needs and desires so that you can create a solid, unwavering relationship with yourself and see just how beautiful and powerful you truly are—and deeply believe it with every cell of your being.

Breathwork session: Self love and acceptance

Week Five

Develop self trust, get to understand your inner knowing—no matter what's happening around you, so that you can stay calm and centred in the eye of the storm of life and not get swept away by other's "drama hurricanes".

Calibrate your inner compass so that you can stand in your power and feel confident that you know who you are and what choices are best for you at any given moment

Breathwork session: Deep trust, inner power

Week Six

Stop caring what other people think, no matter their reactions. Understand their reactions are projections. Feel confident in not just the benefit but importance in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, speaking your truth, and living your life based on your values instead of trying to please others.

Program summary, Q&A group coaching, and concluding insights

Breathwork session: Let go of other's stuff

What you get:

12 live sessions

Six weekly perspective-shifting group lessons to help you see yourself in a completely different way. Once you change the way you look at things, the things around & within you change.

Four powerful breathwork sessions to wire in perspective-shifting lessons so you can release the old and create new, empowering perspectives into your nervous system & subconscious.

Two live Q&A coaching calls to assimilate what you're learning and processing and catalyze your process of Igniting your inner power

Homework & replays

Helpful and effective homework activities & nervous system regulation tools to practice between classes to help you achieve your inner paradigm shift and ignite your inner power.

Class replay recordings so you can revisit lessons & breathwork experiences any time you want.

Bonus access to additional lessons, classes, content, aromatherapy blends and other goodies will be provided to deepen your results

Group Support

Voxer app group text & voice message access between classes to support each other, share and celebrate wins, ask questions, and help each other grow together in a friendly and welcoming community. It's like having me and the whole group in your back pocket for six weeks!

Optional 1-on-1 sessions

For deeper insight, progress, and transformation so you can ignite your inner power more quickly and profoundly. Personalized coaching so you can uncover your specific puzzle pieces and shed light on the blind spots that have been eluding you, so that you can make powerful progress and catalyze your inner growth and empowerment, self acceptance, calm confidence, and deep inner trust.

Starts February 21, 2022

Call schedule:
Mondays and Wednesdays 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT

From February 21 until March 30, 2022

All calls are recorded and placed in your content portal, so you can watch the replays anytime and as often as you need

"She helped me feel seen, heard, and safe"

I was struggling all the time. Even though I had made improvements, I was unable to maintain them. I felt like I was missing something and didn’t know why I couldn’t help myself. I knew there were answers out there, but I didn’t know how to achieve that myself despite my best efforts.

I learned I was trying to cram myself into a cookie cutter mold and force myself into a shape that wasn’t natural. I learned the impact of my own conditioning, and how to open my mind, trust myself, love myself and accept myself. 

Now, I feel more at peace with myself. I feel safer, more in control, an internal glow, happiness and confidence. I learned to trust myself, believe myself, actually love and respect myself and I’ve found faith in the world again. I no longer feel like I’m fighting my way through life. I don’t chase outcomes, I let them come to me. And it’s liberating.

— Natale

3 support levels to choose from:

Get on the waitlist for the next round:


Level 1:

Base Level Group Program to start the flames

Includes access to:

all live weekly classes;

Group Voxer chat;

Member vault with prep work & replay recordings

Two general aromatherapy blend suggestions to support your process of Igniting your inner fire of calm, clear, centred confidence.

4 spaces remain

One Payment of $897 USD

2 monthly payments of $450 USD

Level 2:

Get your fire going with personalized ideas

Includes everything in the base group program

PLUS Two 90-minute 1-on-1 Insight sessions to decode the entry onto your own personal path of inner brilliance and identify more deeply your own unique centre, so you can be unshakeable

PLUS one customized flower remedy and one aromatherapy blend suggestion to support your progress in a way unique to your specific needs

2 spaces remain

One Payment of $1497 USD

2 monthly payments of $750 USD

Level 3:

Grow your inner flame so it glows long & strong

Includes everything in base group

PLUS Four 90-minute 1-on-1 Insight sessions to decode your personal path & lay groundwork to identify your personal centre with deeper clarity & power

PLUS One 90-minute personalized 1-on-1 Breathwork & coaching session to create the personal rewiring you'll benefit from most so that you can thrive in your unshakable centre fully empowered.

PLUS two customized flower remedy and two aromatherapy blend suggestions to support your progress in a way unique to your specific needs

2 spaces remain

One Payment of $2297 USD

3 monthly payments of $775 USD

*Early-bird BONUS:*

Free instant access to Relaxing You workshop online program to implement effective tools to relax your nervous system--so you can get started on your healing journey right away ($147 value)

This is an excellent prep program to set the foundations before the program starts to create the most powerful results on your Ignite journey.

It will be emailed to you as soon as you register

Program BONUS:

Forever-access to December & February workshops & breathwork experiences ($47 value)

Revisit the insights from these two inspiring workshops to help you create the life you want, and replay the breathwork sessions as often as you need to wire in the intentions you plan to create

Pre-sale bonus expires January 24, 2022

Client experiences:

Michelle helped me find my way to self-forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Over time, I felt better, stronger, happier. I’ve been able to move beyond stress management and into cultivating joy and fulfillment in my life.

— Bess

Michelle guided me towards a way of thinking that relieved emotional burdens that I have been carrying for years. Now the pain is gone, I feel a lot lighter and energetic. I want others to know that this work is life changing.

— Louisa

Michelle helped me regain the confidence and self love I was searching for.

— Cindy

My life has changed completely. Not one aspect is the same and all for the better. I feel as though I am who I was always intended to be. I am the best version of me. Someone who is in control and more at peace than I have felt for years.

— Amanda

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

So what's my story?

My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m a Naturopathic Doctor turned Inner Transformation Facilitator.

I have 20 years of combined formal education and clinical experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, and have a wide variety of additional experience and certifications, including breathwork facilitator and Master Certified Life Coach.

It wasn’t for lack of strict diets, therapy, and mountains of natural supplements that I wasn’t feeling confident and in control of my health and life…it was that, at the core, I had a poor relationship with myself.

I used to think I was broken and something was wrong with me—and believed I had to follow strict protocols to find some peace and get control over my endometriosis and highly sensitive nervous system—because I thought I needed “fixing”.

Getting stricter with diet wasn’t the full answer, because I went all the way to Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) then meat-only Carnivore—and while it helped improve many symptoms and got me back on my feet when nothing else could—it only got me so far.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I had a vast toolbox of herbs and supplements to try, but never achieved the results I expected to get control over my symptoms, mood, energy, confidence, and wellbeing. And as soon as I would stop whatever I was trying, I’d be back at square one.

Therapy helped to a degree. Getting things off my chest and gaining better awareness of myself was helpful and important, but I never felt we really got to the true roots, or bridged the gap between understanding and sustainable change. I often left sessions asking myself “now what do I do?”. I felt like it was just helping me survive day-to-day, rather than truly healing so I could thrive.

Through deep reflection, I realized this poor relationship with myself was keeping me locked in unhealthy cycles—the roots of which ran right down to my developmental years and the experiences I had then.

This poor relationship—with all its inner pressure, judgement, and criticism—was impacting my nervous system, which affected every single aspect of my health.

It was also impacting how I showed up in the world and allowed people to treat me. My relationships, career, and emotional wellbeing were all affected as a result.

I discovered that shifting perspectives, unconditioning from limiting beliefs, breaking free from unhelpful patterns, and developing loving compassion for myself created an inner paradigm shift that changed everything about how I see, think about, and interact with life.

With this shift, I finally understood I have the power within myself to take the driver’s seat of my life and feel in control of my self, health, and relationships.

I harnessed my sensitivity as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) as a superpower, instead of believing it was a weakness.

I developed a level of self-understanding about myself, my health, and how to navigate my own inner world that changed everything about my life.

I learned that I could in fact trust my inner knowing, and that doing so led me in better directions than anyone or anything else could.

I now thrive with a sense of joy & fulfillment I’d never before experienced.

I’m able to create and maintain healthy boundaries with myself and others, because I understand the value and benefit not just for myself, but for everyone involved. This allowed for healing of not just myself, but all of my relationships.

I no longer feel overwhelmed by other’s reactions, moods, and responses, even if they’re directed towards me, because I feel strong and centred in knowing who I am.

I found and ignited my own healing power within.

I found my calm centre and feel balanced, rooted, and stable there, no matter what’s happening around me. I don’t get swept away in the storms of life as I once did.

It has since become my passion to guide sensitives, empaths, neurodivergents, recovering people pleasers, and perfectionists to overcome feelings of overwhelm—so they can claim their inner power and finally feel in control of their health, relationships, and life—even if they’ve tried what seems like everything; from diets and supplements to medications and therapy.

I’m so excited to be offering this unique program to help others achieve their own inner paradigm shift—so they finally feel in control of every aspect of their lives, instead of feeling like life is controlling you.

It’s truly a life-changing experience.

For those who are ready to create their own inner paradigm shift, the only regret is that they didn't start sooner.

Hit the button below to take you to the program level options and register:


Email Michelle


Some common questions:

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Calls will be held live on Zoom Mondays and Wednesdays at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT and will last an hour each.

Calls will be held twice per week from Monday, February 21 until Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Voxer group chat access will be open until Sunday, April 3, 2022.

All classes, breathwork, and Q&A calls will be recorded and you will have ongoing access to all recordings in the content vault, so you can watch them at any time.

There will be recordings for all calls that will be placed in your content vault, that you can watch whenever you like. You will have ongoing access to all recordings, even after the program is over, so you can revisit the lessons whenever you like and as often as you need.

The style of breathwork you will experience is called Conscious Connected Breath. It’s a specific breathing technique using a 3-part breath that helps you tap into your subconscious mind and wire in new neural patterns you wish to experience, while supporting the nervous system to reset and complete stress responses, in a “bottom up” somatic manner.

The breathwork experience lasts approximately 25-30 minutes. I will guide you through the breathing technique, teaching you exactly what to do and how, and you will breathe using the Conscious Connected Breath while listening to a specific playlist of music and I guide you with verbal prompts.

These breathwork sessions can promote emotional release, deep healing insights, and a sense of personal empowerment, along with so much more. It’s a powerful addition that helps the teachings and activities activate even more deeply.

This style of breathwork has personally changed my life, and has helped clients deepen their healing, growth, and progress in beautiful and magnificent ways.

Breathwork sessions will be carried out at the end of the live classes in weeks 2, 4, and 6, therefore these classes will be 30 minutes longer than classes 1, 3, and 5.

You will have access to the replay recordings so you can do the breathwork sessions on your own as often as you like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email michelle@wellbalance.ca or DM me on Instagram @wellbalanceND

It’s important to choose what feels best for you, this is the first lesson in leaning into your inner trust!

The group-only option is a great way to benefit from the top lessons, teachings, and homework activities I share with my 6-month mentorship clients on their journey of inner transformation and empowerment, at the most cost-effective level. There is deep benefit to everything you will experience in the group-only option, however, personalization is limited, due to the nature of the group environment.

The Kindling option with two 1:1 sessions will help you get started on putting your personal puzzle pieces together and understanding your own unique and personal  story, strengths, and power. You’ll get personalized guidance to get you going deeper on your inner healing journey beyond what you’ll gain from the group-only option.

The Fuel option with four 1:1 sessions and one personalized 1:1 breath work session will guide you to even deeper and more powerful depths of inner knowing, self-understanding, and personal empowerment. This is for you if you know you’re ready for deep personal transformation and you know a guide to help you achieve an inner paradigm shift to improve your world will make all the difference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at michelle@wellbalance.ca or send me a DM on Instagram @wellbalanceND

Due to the online and digital nature of this group coaching program, there are no refunds available for this program. Therefore, please make sure you feel comfortable with your choice and purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at michelle@wellbalance.ca or send me a DM on Instagram @wellbalanceND

Each live class will last about 1 hour, there will be two calls per week. It’s encouraged to attend live, however, if you are unable to, a replay of each session is provided and placed in your content portal so you can watch whenever you like, as often as you like.

Homework activities can vary in time commitment. Some tasks only take minutes to complete, while some may depend on how much time you’re willing to commit to your own personal reflection, and can take as little or as long as you choose, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

For the Kindling and Fuel options that include 1:1 sessions, each session lasts 90 minutes, with an extra 30 minutes added to one of your sessions for customized 1:1 breathwork.

At this point, I cannot guarantee this particular group coaching program will be offered in a live format again. It will most likely be offered as a self-study program in the future, using the recorded classes from this round. If you are interested in group and community support and my direct feedback in a group environment, it’s a great idea to take advantage of this round.

If you choose a program option that includes 1:1 sessions, you may book your first session with me as soon as you wish, even if the group program hasn’t yet started.

You will be required to book your first session no later than 1 month after the end of the program, but of course, you can book it at any point from your time of registration. You will receive all the information you need to schedule your first session in your welcome email as soon as you register.

We can decide together the frequency of your sessions after your first one. Often, sessions are most beneficial if scheduled 2-3 weeks apart, but can be modified as necessary, to a maximum of 8 weeks apart to maintain continuity within the package.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at michelle@wellbalance.ca or send me a DM on Instagram @wellbalanceND

Once you choose the support level you desire and the payment option you wish, you’ll be taken to the payment portal to complete your payment.

Once your payment is received, you will receive a welcome email within 30 minutes. This email will contain the call schedule and information on how to join live calls, and information on how to schedule your first 1:1 session if you chose the Kindling or Fuel level option. You will receive a separate email within 24-48 hours with login details to access the content portal.

If you do not see a welcome email within 30 minutes of registering, be sure to check your spam, junk, or “promotions” folders in your email account. Look for an email from michelle@wellbalance.ca

If you have any questions or cannot find your welcome email, send an email to michelle@wellbalance.ca

While this is a group format, there is a cap on the number of participants to 16. I want to ensure everyone in the group feels safe and acknowledged.