Express your most powerful intuitive & creative gifts through work you deeply love. Make a meaningful impact while making a fulfilling income

As an ambitious, sensitive entrepreneur doing work & life in a not-so-sensitive world

Transformative 1:1 Mentorship for ambitious, highly sensitive entrepreneurs

Unleash the full spectrum of your potential in your work, by bringing forward more of your intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts into what you do; confidently and unapologetically.

You’re a successful practitioner, coach, healer, or entrepreneur. And you’re damn good at what you do.

But you’re feeling the monotony of repeating the basics. The gap between where you started in your business and where you are now feels too wide. You’re finding yourself reaching too far back to address your clientele.

The work you do that used to feel helpful and exciting no longer sparks joy.

One foot in and one foot out

You’ve been on your own personal development journey, and you’ve evolved and grown from within. As you’ve done the inner work for yourself and awakened, you see and trust your intuitive abilities, creative talent, and connection to spirituality more and more.

You know this is who you are and that these are your greatest gifts, but you’re not bringing these parts of yourself forward in your work in the way that you’d like. You have one foot in and one foot out of the intuitive and spiritual closet.

You’re worried that your clientele won’t approve and they’ll leave. That your inner circle won’t get it and will judge you. That the success in your business will take a hit and drop off.

And that baring your soul in this way will leave you in a vulnerable position. Like those nightmares where you’re naked in the middle of your highschool hallway, letting it all hang out.

You already feel like you’re different, that you don’t ‘fit in’. You’re worried that if you drop the protective masks you’ve been wearing to blend in and fly under the radar, your sensitive or neurodivergent nervous system will feel overwhelmed. Maybe you’ll shut down or blow a fuse. Or you’ll stand out and upset someone or make them uncomfortable.

But you also know that you’re here to make an impact and a difference in your work. To leave a legacy. To make a positive impact for the greater good.

Making good money just isn’t enough on its own. You know you have a mission and purpose to fulfill. As a leader, an exemplar, a change agent, and a transformational guide.

You know that you can’t continue to operate in your business the way that you have been, because you know that continuing to force yourself to do what isn’t aligned leads to frustration, resentment, and burnout.

And you know that stepping up and infusing more of who you are into your work and powerfully owning what you do best is what will deliver that greater level of impact you know you’re here to make. And create the deeper levels of transformation you know you want to facilitate.

You also know that in order to focus on this deeper, intuitive, creative, and spiritual work that your soul is calling you to do, you’ll have to let go of what no longer feels aligned.

You want to more confidently and unapologetically say ‘no’ to what and who no longer sparks joy in your work, and give yourself full permission to say ‘yes’ to what truly does. And get crystal clear on what exactly those things actually are.

You have an important soul-led mission to fulfill, and you’re making the courageous moves to become more of the person you know you need to be in order to make it all happen.

And you’re looking for a guide, Sherpa, and experienced facilitator who understands your journey to shorten the timeline to living this higher vision of your life and work and to get there with greater ease and enjoyment.

"Do it":

Working with Michelle has totally transformed my life. I saw things with incredible clarity and finally had the courage to face it.

Michelle’s kindness, compassion, and ability to hold the space for me to see what I needed to see was the best thing about working with her. I can’t thank her enough for all she does.

My life has never been better, I have so much energy, passion, and hope to give the world with my work.

If I were speaking to someone who was considering working with Michelle, I’d tell them “do it”!

-Tracey McBeath, The Health & Healing Coach

Intuitive Business Pivot Mentor for deep, driven, sensitive entrepreneurs and coaches

Hi! I’m Michelle Dowker. Happy partner to an avid game hunter & fisherman. Supportive stepmom to two young adults following their soul dreams of becoming an architect and a veterinarian. Pet parent to a busy young Alaskan Husky. Aspiring homesteader. Lover of recipes. Knitter. Science nerd. Buddhist.

I’ve made big changes in my business. I pivoted away from a relentlessly exhausting back-to-back patient schedule as a naturopathic doctor, then launched my own coaching business helping clients to heal autoimmune disorders through nutrition, only to completely transform the way I work with clients to focus on the deeply spiritual and transformative work that I’m most passionate about.

I’ve been through many different iterations and pivots, and I finally created my dream business doing the work that lights up my soul every day.

By coming out of the intuitive and spiritual closet myself, and unapologetically saying ‘no’ to what no longer sparked my own joy, I’ve been able to step up into soul-nourishing work.

Now, I get to go really deep and have enriching conversations with total dream clients. And create bigger transformations in the lives of others than I was ever able to do before I started fully using and owning my intuitive gifts in this way.

Where I used to be exhausted and feeling unfulfilled with my work, now, I’m exhilarated, filled with passion and purpose, and deeply excited for tomorrow.

It took walking away from toxic relationships and work opportunities. I even moved across the country. I’ve burned it all down, pivoted and started over more times than I can count. And every single leap I took was worth it, because it led me here… to the work my soul has been calling me to all along.

Over the past 25 years, many of the career choices I made were based on what I had been conditioned to believe I “should” be doing.

I studied pre-med in university. Then, I took a corporate job in underwriting when it was obvious my health was too poor to continue my studies beyond my Master of science in medical research.

Then, once I discovered the power of dietary changes and got my health figured out, I went back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor. Because anything less than the title of doctor was unacceptable for my family.

I practiced as a general clinical practitioner for many years in several small, remote locations in British Columbia, Canada. I loved helping people feel better, overcome symptoms, and feel more empowered in their lives.

However, repeating the basics about diet and lifestyle over and over again to people who had never before explored making any changes in their lives was starting to feel mundane.

I was discovering that I preferred working with patients who wanted to explore deeper emotional roots of their physical symptoms, and wanted to do the more advanced inner work of aligning their lives and their work to who they know they’re truly here to be and what they truly want.

However, those people in my patient population base were few and far between. I wanted more of those dream patients who loved going deep. But I wasn't giving myself the permission to make the changes that would allow me to focus more exclusively on that deeper, inner transformational work.

Then, tragedy hit when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I decided to move back across the country to be with her in her final days, and to be with my sweetheart, whose work contract was ending and had to move back to his home in Quebec.

I tried starting a clinic anew in Quebec, thinking it would be easy peasy. But I soon realized there were too many strikes against me: from the language barrier and difficult and limiting provincial regulations, to the fact that the patient base in this new region were even more closed off to the idea of making changes or exploring anything deeper than quick-fix herbs and supplements to manage their physical symptoms.

So, in 2018, I decided to try my hand at going online with health coaching. During this transition, I was dealing with my own health flare ups from autoimmunity and endometriosis, which cropped up after dealing with the intense grief of losing my mother.

All of this sent me into a dark night of the soul that had me questioning absolutely everything. As I explored and navigated the shadowy corners of my own identity, I became increasingly connected to my intuitive abilities and to spirituality.

At first, I was hesitant to bring these skills into my work. Afraid that the people I was working with wouldn’t understand. That they would be so turned off that everyone would leave in a mass exodus, that my business would crash and burn.

And the more I started exploring these areas, the more sensitive I became. I found myself needing to rely on tools and practices to try to protect myself from other people’s big, dysregulated, or toxic energies. Otherwise, it felt like their drama storms were sweeping into my inner space and completely derailing me from my center.

I decided to do some deeper training, and spent the next couple of years practicing and evolving my intuitive skills and spiritual connection.

The journey...

I participated in some intense coach training programs that led me through deep shadow integration work, taught me how to lead breathwork, hypnotherapy, Human Design, Astrology, and a myriad of other spiritually-focused modalities like oracle reading, pendulum work, and others.

This training also focused on developing and strengthening my intuitive abilities. What I learned from this experience was that I was already highly intuitive. However, I didn’t understand the language through which my intuition spoke, and didn’t trust that it was actually real. This training helped solidify all of that for me, so that I stopped gaslighting myself out of following my own intuitive guidance.

Then, I met with a medium, who connected me to my mother’s spirit. What unfolded was life-changing. In the proceeding nine months working with this medium, I healed deeper and deeper levels of mother wounds, which liberated and changed me in life-altering ways. I finally felt free to be who I am, not who my mother had tried to force me to be.

After going through this journey, I decided to start using these skills with my clients who were already in my world. It was scary at first, but I knew in my heart I needed to move ahead with it.

Some of my clients absolutely loved it. And some peaced out.

At first, I was sad that I lost clientele, but reminded myself that it doesn’t serve either of us for them to stick around if they’re not on board with who I am and my approach. So I disarmed my inner judge, and kept moving forward.

I decided after that experience that I’m going to work exclusively with people who are on board with my new, up-leveled approach.

I then ran a group program, using the intuitive skills and knowledge I developed. I not only led the group through this program, I led myself. And what transpired was the solidification of my own unique methodology, the Inner Liberation Method.

To say that all of our lives were changed from this experience was an understatement. It changed the entire trajectory of my work, my clientele, and the level of transformation I was able to facilitate. As well as the level of pure satisfaction and fulfillment I experienced from my work.

And what I found for myself and the participants was that the more we did this inner connection work, the less we needed to rely on those tools and practices to protect ourselves from other people’s energy. We naturally felt grounded in who we were, and unwavering no matter what types of people, energies, or reactions were happening around us – even the most Highly Sensitive Person found this to be true.

I decided after this experience to shift the entire focus of my coaching business, away from working with people trying to manage chronic illness, to Highly Sensitive People who want to come back home with themselves so that they can own their inner power.

With this shift, I made my intuitive and spiritual work part of the core curriculum of what I do. I changed my logo, upgraded my website, and announced to the world on my social media that “this is who I am”.

Once I made this shift, what happened blew my mind

My client’s results became increasingly more profound and transformational. Beyond anything I’d witnessed in all the years I practiced as a naturopathic doctor.

And the more I actually verbalized the intuitive hits I was getting, the more I would blow my client’s minds.

I regularly get comments like: “that’s exactly what I needed to hear right now”, “how on earth did you know that?”, and “you just solved the problem I’ve been trying to figure out for years, in five minutes”.

Had I kept my mouth shut and kept my intuition masked and hidden, they wouldn’t have gotten those beneficial breakthroughs that transformed the entire course of their lives, their health, their relationships, and their businesses.

These breakthroughs skyrocket their joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, success, and inner freedom.

They get crystal clarity on who they are and what they actually want. And decide to follow that, unapologetically. No matter what other people are saying or doing.

They fully own who the f*ck they are and decide they’re not going to do their work like everyone else, just because that’s what they were told they ‘should’ do. They no longer try to force a square peg into a round hole, and instead, carve out their own way.

And as I do this transformative work with my clients, they are also coming to know and trust their own sensitivity, intuition, creativity, and spirituality more deeply than ever.

So many have told me that part of the reason why they no longer feel aligned with their work and their business is because they feel they have to hide or mask this part of themselves away.

Out of fear people won’t understand. Because it’s not part of the business plan. Because they’re not sure how it will be received. Because there are no guarantees it will even work.

And that as they’ve grown and evolved, they feel like the work they are doing is no longer matching the current iteration of themselves. It feels too basic. Too in the past. And they feel like they have to reach too far back in their old ways of being and working to meet their clientele where they are at.

Instead of owning this about themselves and making the changes that will feel more enjoyable for them, they pushed themselves more in the hustle and grind of what’s expected of them, no longer feeling passionate about what they’re doing. Especially now that they see what else is going on behind the veil.

I’ve been there. I get it. It can feel like a scary ego death to acknowledge that what you’re doing right now isn’t lighting you up like it used to.

You might have all the external success metrics, be hitting financial milestones and keeping everyone else happy… but there’s a part of you that deeply craves so much more. There’s a part of you that’s not completely satisfied. You want to feel EXCITED by life and business again.

You’re feeling the pull to take a leap and trust that urge to implement more of your intuitive, creative, and spiritual skills in your work.

To be more of yourself. To build a life that truly makes you happy. To follow the call of your soul-led mission. To make a more meaningful contribution in the lives of the people that you work with.

And to grow your success on every single level.

"I'm doing more in less time and truly enjoying it"

Michelle is gifted at coming up with guidance that makes you have transformational perspective shifts. She digs deep and puts puzzle pieces together to bridge important gaps. And provides effective insights and tools to align myself to my fullest potential. These moments are like turning on the light in your mind, which changes everything. Like she says, once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

I’ve gained so much perspective to see myself and my work more fully. Now, I have much healthier boundaries with my work, and I’m doing what I do because I enjoy it, not because I’m seeking any sort of approval, recognition, or validation from other people. Now, I feel so much more balanced and energized.

My capacity has increased significantly. I’m three times more productive, but I’m working less hours in a day. Because I’m more efficient and focused, my nervous system is well supported, and I feel more comfortable delegating where I want and need to.

Now, I’m feeling amazing, both physically and emotionally. I have so much more energy and passion. I feel happy and free. I see the potential of what’s to come and I see that this journey to my maximum potential is exciting and infinite. If you do the work, it pays off exponentially. It’s worth every penny.

— Malena

Express your most powerful intuitive and creative gifts through work you deeply love, as an ambitious, sensitive entrepreneur doing work and life in a not-so-sensitive world


  • 2 x 90 minutes Zoom 1:1 sessions each month for a high-touch, deeply insightful premium coaching experience with Michelle
    • This is where we’re going to uncover those deep-rooted and often unconscious behavior patterns that have been leading you to say ‘yes’ to the things that drain you, mask the parts of yourself that are actually your greatest gifts, and pull you away from reaching your fullest potential.
    • You’ll get mind-blowing insights and instant breakthroughs, and come away with the momentum, mindset, and clarity to massively evolve and up-level the way that you’re working, by taking the action that leads to dream-come-true work opportunities.
  • 1:1 Voxer text & voice messaging access four days per week. So that your forward momentum continues to build in your career, life, and work.
    • If you come up against a challenge, you get on-demand clarity to avoid stalling or back-pedalling.
    • This is the deep support that builds resilience as you navigate the life stuff that inevitably comes up as you step into your next level.
    • I’m your partner to brainstorm decision making and celebrate wins, as you build momentum and create exciting new results in your life and work.
    • The pieces we put together between calls helps us delve even deeper for transformative insight during our 1:1 sessions, so that you’re breaking through the holding patterns that are keeping you from where you really want to be
  • Access to my entire online course library for you to study, learn from, and immerse yourself in to support and deepen our work together.
    • Includes a library of subconscious re-wiring hypnosis and conscious connected breathwork sessions. And access to dozens of perspective-altering video lessons to deepen your understanding of the theory behind the concepts we’ll be working with in your 1:1 sessions
    • I’ll recommend and guide you to the most pertinent content at each step you take, as it relates to you and what you need most.
  • Free passes & deep discounts to any new programs that are conducted or released  during the mentorship
  • Investment: 2,100 USD per month for minimum 6 months, or Pay-in-Full savings for 6, 12, or 18 months

"Working with Michelle is like a balm for the soul you didn’t even know you needed."

Almost every appointment had real mind-blowing revelations that really helped shift and change my perspective, how I see myself, and heal my relationship with myself first and foremost. She has such a way of connecting all of the dots in a way that is completely personalized, easy to understand, and the really makes sense. She’s really gifted at hearing what is being said and what that means in terms of my needs.

Michelle’s energy and calming presence makes this work not feel like work, but a gentle transformation into coming back to yourself. She is a gentle guide, a calming force through these rocky waters. This has been an eye opening, life-changing experience, I gained more than I ever thought I needed working with Michelle. She is gifted beyond measure in her wisdom, compassion, and insight. The personal change she facilitates is nothing short of miraculous.

Working with Michelle will be the most important thing you can do for yourself and one of the most challenging in equal measure. If you truly want to learn how to be your best self physically, mentally, and emotionally, Michelle will help you find the way to your truth and your answers.

The benefit of reconnecting to your true self and owning who you are from the inside out feels like a cloud has dissipated from your conscious and you become truly free to live your best life.”


Click below to listen to Rebecca reflect on the realizations & progress she attained on her 6-month journey (shared with permission):

When you enter my world, we put on the rubber gloves and sort one by one through all the masks, limiting beliefs, and programmed conditioning that has kept you from confidently owning all of who you are and fully harnessing your sensitive, intuitive, creative, and spiritual skills in your work.

I guide you through the Inner Liberation Method, a unique methodology that allows you to release not only the worry about other people and their judgements, but also the internalized judgment you’ve been carrying about yourself, likely for your entire life.

I help you achieve inner paradigm-transforming perspective shifts and give you the tools, support, and guidance so that it becomes increasingly easier to be all of who you are; in your personal life, business, and in your leadership for the world.

Clients come to me for my long-term mentorship when they are no longer available to waste time waiting. They are ready to up-level their business and lifestyle in a way that feels like an exciting dream come true NOW, not some day in the future.

They tell me that one session with me brings them the equivalent value of months, and even years, of traditional coaching, mentorship, or therapy. They experience breakthroughs and quantum leaps faster than ever before. And long-term support brings them to the levels of purposeful potential they never before considered possible.

My clients know that doing this deeply transformational work on themselves is the key to unlocking everything they’ve been dreaming about in life and business.

"I can't think of anything that could make this program better":

Before I started working with Michelle, I wanted to change and improve my life in order to live feeling calm and peaceful.

I was surprised about how much personal growth and progress towards my goals I made with Michelle in months compared to years of traditional therapy.

The work I completed with Michelle helped me come home to myself with confidence and self love. Now, I am my own best friend.

Working with Michelle will liberate and guide you on how to not only help you become centred with your emotions, but provide you with self peace and calm.

She keeps her sessions light and positive but honours when you just need to fall apart when you have a breakthrough. You can feel her genuine compassion every time you meet with her.

The work I did with Michelle was life changing for me. I’m so grateful that I connected with her. I give 5/5 stars.

-Margaret W

Side effects of going through the Aligned & Fulfilled mentorship may include:

On the other side...

Go from:

The ripple effect of this work is intense and immediate…the way people respond to you will change, the people closest to you may be inspired to do their own work. This is the embodiment of being the change you want to see.

Expect manifestations to happen faster than before…there’s no more resistance around self-worth, or what is possible.

What you'll grow & expand:

How you'll benefit:

Some modalities you'll experience:

"It's one of the best programs I've ever went through":

This has been an experience of unlocking my own potential and truly coming to understand and connect with the power I have. I truly feel empowered.

Michelle is is very gentle, kind, and understanding. She goes in very deep, but in a way that directs and guides you to step back and reflect for yourself. She reminds, encourages, and explains to make sure you experience change and progress on your own and by your own doings.

She’s gifted at finding deep rooted meanings/thoughts you might have and discussing it with you. She is aware when you talk to her on whether there’s something deeper to dig into and to help you recognize key meanings and feelings within yourself that may not be helpful for you to keep. She helps you realize those meanings and propose how to redirect it to something more helpful.

It definitely is deep work. You have to be ready and willing to do it but it most definitely worth it. Working with Michelle will build you in ways you probably didn’t know were possible!

This is one of the best programs I’ve ever went through. It’s definitely worth every penny.


Who this is for

This deeply transformational mentorship is likely a fit for you if you're:

Who this is NOT for

This mentorship is likely not a fit for you if you're:

The positive changes I’ve experienced have been honestly life-changing

“Michelle helped me more deeply understand and accept my sensory and emotional needs as a person with autism. And how to set healthier boundaries and prioritize my own needs and desires. I no longer beat myself up if there’s something I can’t do. I accept this part of myself rather than hating or hiding from it.

Now, I feel amazing! I feel healthy for the first time in my life. And I’ve been promoted at work and now I manage my own department, which I never thought I could do before. Now, I love what I do.

There’s nothing I can think of that would make this program better. It’s so well rounded. Michelle made me feel completely safe and understood. She has a very warm and comforting presence and I could tell she genuinely cared. She put so much effort into our sessions and each one felt incredibly productive.”


I used to struggle with issues related to my highly sensitive and deep nature and accepting myself as a person. My people pleasing tendencies were having negative impacts on my life, as well as my fear of what other people thought, and how people might react if I expressed who I truly was. It impacted my work as well as relationships.

Now, I reclaimed my personal power. I have experienced more profound peace and self-acceptance than ever before in my life. It’s night and day to how I was operating before.

This is truly deep transformative work that heals from the inside out. To anyone thinking about working with Michelle I would say that if Michelle’s work resonates with you on any level at all, do yourself a favor and reach out and begin the process.
I was stuck in a hamster wheel of people-pleasing to show I was valuable and worthy. I was struggling to reconnect with myself and repeating patterns of shaming and blaming myself for things that were not mine to own.

I tried all the modalities, therapists, doctors and remedies to try to ‘fix’ or change myself. The bottom line was I could not keep going or working this way. I stumbled across Michelle and instantly felt seen.

This work is perfect for the highly sensitives who feel lost or like they don’t belong, and they find themselves repeating life patterns and behaviors and don’t know how to stop the cycle. And most importantly, for those who want to reconnect with the stranger they once knew as themselves. This work is challenging, but it is the most rewarding and important work you will ever do.

let's dig into the details

Transformative 1:1 Mentorship for ambitious, highly sensitive entrepreneurs

Identify, nurture, share, and master your most powerful intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts to create the big impact you’re here to make through your work. 

Make decisions from true authenticity by mastering saying ‘yes’ to your dreamiest desires and ‘no’ to everything else. 

Live in flow state, raise your energy levels and income in the fulfilling ways your soul is calling for. 

Learn to break down the old conditioning that lead you to make decisions based on what other people think, and discover the freedom you can feel when you’re making money doing the work that’s driven by a deep sense of purpose. 

Become skilled at caring for your unique sensitive nature, calming your nervous system, and maintaining boundaries in your life and work that leave you feeling deeply happy and supported.

This long-term mentorship is designed to support you to embody and master these skills:


Own your gifts and share them unapologetically in your work

You’ve been hiding the very gifts that are your truest superpowers. Often, because it doesn’t feel safe to bring them out into the light. Or, because your gifts are rare and unique, you’ve been conditioned to believe they’re flaws or ‘weird’. You’ll confidently drop the protective masks and share your sensitive, intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts with the world in your work, and watch the level of impact you contribute skyrocket exponentially


Release toxic behaviour patterns to raise your standards in work and life

Finally put outdated survival patterns to rest, like people-pleasing and perfectionism. And disarm the inner judge that has kept you from what you truly want in work and life. In its place, establish the operating standards you really want in your business and relationships. So that you exclusively do the work that you’re truly passionate about, your way, with the people who feel like a dream to work with.


Plug energy leaks with better boundaries to bring you the rest and spaciousness you need to perform at your best

Say no, unapologetically, to the things that drain your life force. Get crystal clear on what energizes you instead, based on your own personal values, special interests, and personal genius. And establish the standards and boundaries that allow you to say ‘yes’ to those people and things, instead. Prioritize action that allows your sensitive, intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts to shine in your business as you make a bigger and bigger impact in your work. 


Embrace and care for your sensitivities to further increase your intuitive powers

Understand, accept, and trust your body, mind, soul, and nervous system to levels deeper than ever before. When you treat your sensitive nature as the gift that it is and provide the necessary accommodations, your potential infinitely grows. As you own your sensitive nature and use it to expand your skill, talent, and impact, you’ll see your intuitive ability expand, as well. Which in turn, creates a cyclical effect of elevating your highest potential to even greater levels.


Live in flow state, trust your nudges and create miraculous new opportunities

Stop trying to control everything and force yourself to keep up with the rat race of hustle and grind. As you surrender and enter flow state, exciting, aligned and fulfilling opportunities unfold in ways you could have never planned or imagined. As you trust your inner nudges and follow the breadcrumbs of your deepest soul mission, you’ll understand what it means to operate from a place of “Wu Wei”, or effortless action. And experience the lit-up, energized joy that abounds as a result.


Cultivate and maintain purposeful fulfillment through the ups and downs of life’s growth challenges

When you strengthen your center, you remain resilient and strong and your capacity to hold yourself grows exponentially, no matter what storms of life come passing through. Other people’s projections, comments, or criticisms no longer trigger or upset you in the same way. Challenging events and difficult situations no longer derail you from your mission. And your own inner world no longer holds you hostage. Then, you finally feel free to be and express yourself fully and authentically in your work, and be the powerful leader you know you’re here to be.

 “The results I’ve experienced are amazing. I am more myself than I have ever been. The moment when you feel yourself coming home to yourself is life-changing. I am more aware of who I am, and am more calm and connected with myself. I feel free from the shackles society had put on me, and that I had put on myself. I see things very differently now, I don’t react to people or situations the way I used to.

Michelle is gifted at connecting with you, and she picks up on things that you would never see. That helps me grow and helps me dig deeper into myself and my healing. She really has a way of understanding you, and is able to tap into what you need and what will help. Her revelations about me were spot on. It’s like she has a 6th sense. She’s calm and funny and down to earth and very easy to work with and easy to talk about everything.

I’d suggest to anyone considering this work to do it! Don’t hesitate. Everyone can benefit from working with her, even if you think you are good, the layers that unfold are insightful. Those who would benefit the most are those who are highly sensitive, empaths, especially those who struggle with autoimmune, and anyone with trauma.

This work can be uncomfortable at times, but once you get through that it’s life-changing. You will never be the same person, you look at the world with a new set of eyes. It’s almost like you’re reborn, but you’re really just finally learning about the real you, and understanding the authentic you. You become free!”


Michelle Dowker

When you own all of who you are, unapologetically, and give yourself permission follow the call of your soul and what truly lights you up, even if it doesn’t make sense to the people around you, you make a deeper, more meaningful impact in the world with your work, in everyone’s lives that you touch. With fulfilling financial success to match. This is how you become Aligned & Fulfilled.

 “Before working with Michelle, I was struggling to reconnect with myself and repeating patterns of shaming and blaming myself for things that were not mine to own.

Because of this work, there was a shift in my outlook, my soul felt lighter and I am treating myself with more compassion. Because I am more compassionate with myself, I feel like I have more patience with my family members.

I don’t think practically, there was anything that would make this offering better, I really enjoyed working with Michelle and doing the work to be free of my familiar patterns as well as having what I felt like unfettered access to her support.

Michelle’s accessibility was wonderful. She truly appreciated each milestone and was able to push me to dig deeper. At the time, it can feel daunting to do the inner excavation, but each time I did, I gained new insight and she celebrated with me.

It is deep, hard, soul-searching work, but so incredibly valuable and life-altering.

If you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of repeating life patterns and behaviours and you don’t know how to get off the wheel, Michelle is for you.


The positive changes I’ve experienced by doing this work with Michelle have been honestly life-changing. 

Michelle made me feel completely safe and understood. She has a very warm and comforting presence and I could tell she genuinely cared. She put so much effort into our sessions and each one felt incredibly productive.

Now, I feel amazing! I feel healthy for the first time in my life. Finally, after years of battling health issues and getting nowhere, I have answers and a way forward. I’ve also been promoted at work and now I manage my own department, which I never thought I could do before” 


“After working with Michelle everything about me changed. She guided me towards a way of thinking that relieved emotional burdens that I have been carrying for years. Now I feel lighter and energetic.

I enjoyed the depth of Michelle’s knowledge, she was always prepared and always listened without judging. She provided tools that allow me to heal without requiring her presence all the time, that means healing can continue long after a person has done the program.

I want others to know that this program is life changing.


My life has changed completely, and all for the better. Nearly all my symptoms have disappeared, but most importantly, I have changed on an emotional level. I have made huge strides professionally and personally since starting my work with Michelle.

I now feel as though I am who I was always intended to be, the best version of me. Someone who is in control and more at peace than I have felt in years. Michelle helped me heal from the inside out. 

This program is the kindest thing I have done for myself”


 “After working with Michelle I feel more grounded, mindful, better able to cope with stress and more at peace with my life, and have a heart full of joy

I feel like I connected with Michelle more than any other practitioner that I have ever worked with. She’s gifted at connecting and seeing the bigger picture but breaking it down into manageable pieces, and knowing exactly what I needed at any given session. 

Working with Michelle has been one of the best investments I have made. I can’t thank her enough for all the positive impacts working with her has had on my life”

Krissy S

 “I don’t know what would have made this program better, it was better than I expected. I didn’t think it was possible to make that much progress in such a short time.

After working together, I feel more at peace with myself. I feel safer, more in control, an internal glow, happiness and confidence. I learned to trust myself, believe myself, actually love and respect myself and I’ve found faith in the world again. I no longer feel like I’m fighting my way through life. I don’t chase outcomes, I let them come to me. And it’s liberating.

I’m very sensitive and I felt openness and acceptance at every turn and like she genuinely cared. She helped me feel seen, heard, and safe.”


“Michelle is such a good listener and gentle, compassionate person. I found that I was able to talk with her about any issue in my life, and she was able to connect the dots for me in a way that was kind, non-judgemental, and encouraging. She is deeply knowledgeable and experienced, and provides extensive one-on-one attention that is very hard to come by from other practitioners

She helped me get to the source of my issues instead of just treating the symptoms. Over time, I felt better, stronger, happier. I’ve been able to move beyond stress management and into cultivating joy and fulfillment in my life. It’s been an incredible journey and very much worth the financial investment.”


I can’t think of anything that could improve this amazing program. The best part of working with Michelle was her generous and welcoming therapeutic style. I always felt very seen and valued.

My physical and emotional healing would not have happened without her kind and knowledgeable intervention. I am very thankful.”


“I loved her kind yet professional approach, and the combination of very practical advice combined with gentle questioning of my own perception of situations and how to change it.

Michelle is honest and straightforward, and has a genuine interest and motivation to help you move forward. 5/5 stars.” 


 “If I hadn’t worked with Michelle, I’d still be feeling ashamed of myself. Now, I feel so much more confident about my place in the world. My biggest win was about seeing my past in a new light, and forgiving myself for events that had transpired. I came to realize if you change your belief, you change your life.

I liked that Michelle helped me see things from a different perspective. Once she got to know me, my history and issues, she was able to point me in the direction I needed in order to resolve conflict for myself. Michelle’s really gifted at helping me see a bigger picture, and that helps me get out of my own rut.

It’s an investment in yourself that will pay you back many dividends over years to come. But the price you pay is not just money, you need to be willing to put your own time in to use Michelle’s guidance to help yourself. If you’re open minded and ready to look beyond diets and pills, then you will benefit from this work.

I’m so happy I decided to work with Michelle. I have grown more in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years!! Maybe 20 years.”

Becky P

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