Say YES to the Career of Your Dreams

Learn a powerful technique to make clear, confident career moves that bring you true fulfillment

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Time stamps for video:

0:00 Introduction

1:12 How this video is laid out

2:16 Explanation of the technique

5:39 Guided visualization to identify your green and red flag feelings

13:53 Participant discussion — sharing their results

24:53 Homework to deepen the results

27:23 Helpful tips to use this technique in your day-to-day life

31:05 Closing summary

Homework summary:

Red Flag and Green Flag feelings

  • Get a sense of your own unique red flag and green flag feelings
  • Click here to listen to the guided visualization to tap into your green and red flag feelings
  • Practice your green flag feelings regularly: visualize them, feel them in your body. This will train your nervous system to become more habituated to feeling these more often, and shifting your filter towards green flag experiences
  • Take note in situations of whether you’re feeling green flag or red flag feelings, so you can understand your alert system, and recognize situations that aren’t or are aligned for you
    • For Red flag moments: you may want to excuse yourself, take some deep breaths and bring yourself to the present with the hearing exercise, then tune in and see if you’d like to change anything about that situation (maybe put up boundaries, leave the situation, etc)
    • For Green flag moments: use these to create more clarity around what you actually enjoy and want in your life, and in those moments, you can say something like “yes, thank you, and more please”

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