This is the deepest, most transformational work that you can do.

For deep, driven, Highly Sensitive People and INFJs

You know you're here for a reason; to make an impact in this world with your work; with deep, meaningful purpose.

But you've been holding back, playing small, or prioritizing other people's dreams, demands, and expectations.

Now, you're ready to unlock and unleash the next level of your power, purpose, and bliss in your life and work.

And make the impact you know you're here to make

You will finally discover:

It took me two medical research degrees, a Naturopathic Doctor diploma, naturopathic clinical practice, two businesses, multiple certifications in many modalities, three dark nights of the soul, a spiritual awakening, and an inner healing pilgrimage, to finally realize my own mission and purpose in life.

I’m here to guide highly sensitive, deep, driven people (like myself!) to step up to your real place on this earth. To figure out where you fit in. And claim the deep and massive purpose you have to change the world…

…Without over-sacrificing yourself. Without over-giving. Without overwhelm. And without trying so hard to feel understood or get validation

I've been where you are right now...

Putting everything else ahead of your deepest desires

You’re done feeling responsible for everyone else’s problems. You see where you’re still taking other people’s feelings on. You’re frustrated and tired of seeing yourself doing it again and again. And you’re ready to put this pattern to rest.

You’re done wondering who you are outside out of all of these roles that you’ve created for yourself. Where you’re giving as a parent/spouse/entrepreneur/career person/fill-in-the-blank. You’re finally ready to claim what truly makes you happy.

You know there’s a voice inside that’s telling you there’s so much more than this. Even though you may feel guilty — because your life looks great on the outside. But, on the inside, there’s a deep calling you simply can’t ignore. And you’re ready to stand up and be who you’re being called to be.

You know that you need someone to hold space for you to really get to the clarity that will give you the motivation, momentum, vision, and skills to move forward. And stop waiting for permission to follow your calling.

Judging your sensitivities or believing that you need to be someone different than who you are

You’re done with that old voice in your head telling you’re not good enough. Looking for things you could be doing better. Even though you’re doing and giving so much.

You want to stop internally criticizing yourself. And foster internal momentum that makes it feel easy for you to say YES to the things that are calling you, without hesitation.

You know you’re ready to leave behind feeling lonely and misunderstood. And take responsibility for creating the kind of connections that really feed you and nourish you.

You’re over being lenient with your boundaries to keep everyone around you happy. And you’re finally ready to stand up and create space for the person you know that you’re ready to be.

You know that you want to be speaking your truth. More than biting your tongue for fear of what other people will think about you.

You know that there’s tangible changes that need to be made. To stop over-giving for approval and acceptance from family, friends, clients and coworkers.

You’ve been telling yourself “I should know how to get through this”. And, there’s nothing that can replace the power of being held by someone else.

You’re ready to trade in the pressure you’ve been putting on yourself to tick all the boxes and follow through on all the “shoulds”. You’re ready to say yes to what truly brings you joy in life.

You’re at the point where you’re not willing to settle anymore.

It’s impossible for you to keep living this life.

But you're not sure HOW to change it.

I can show you how.

Working with Michelle has totally transformed my life. I saw things with incredible clarity and finally had the courage to face it.

Michelle’s kindness, compassion, and ability to hold the space for me to see what I needed to see was the best thing about working with her. I can’t thank her enough for all she does.

My life has never been better, I have so much energy, passion, and hope to give the world with my work.

If I were speaking to someone who was considering working with Michelle, I’d tell them “do it”!

Tracey McBeath

The Health & Healing Coach, Mentorship Client

Here's what's ABSOLUTELY possible for you:

Knowing and loving who you truly are. Outside of the boxes you've been put in. Confidently creating the life and work that actually feeds you and brings you joy.

Having crystal clarity about what you really want out of life and with your work, and following it. Confidently and unapologetically.

Build the skills to say no to the things that drain your life force so you can focus on cultivating your superpowers to make the changes your industry so badly needs.

Creating healthy boundaries and standards with others. Family, friends, coworkers, employers, customers or clients — without fear that they’ll get upset or angry at you

Accepting yourself so much that other people’s comments, projections, or criticisms will no longer trigger you or bring you down like they used to — no matter WHO they are or WHAT they say

Harnessing your sensitivity as a superpower that makes you shine brilliantly and makes your work stand out

Owning your deep, intense nature with pride and confidence, and claim it as your strength and talent

Feeling deep satisfaction with the work that you do — whether that’s a drastic career change, a small pivot, an Eat Pray Love adventure, or you don’t change anything at all.

Experiencing more rich and satisfying connection in your relationships, at work, home, and everywhere in between

No longer being controlled by inner pressure and self-judgement, and instead operate from a state of inner ease and flow, every single day.

Trusting yourself and your inner guidance system, instead of constantly asking for others’ opinions to make decisions

Set the standards you want to establish in your business, and how to put them in place, so that you exclusively do the work that you’re truly passionate about, with the people who feel like a dream to work with.

Feeling energized and connected to yourself and your purpose. Joyfulling living your life (YOUR way). Knowing this is what you're meant for.

Stepping into that ‘more’ you know you’re meant for in life and work

Realizing and fully owning the depth of your own power, to command your own destiny

Doing all the things in your life with joyful and effortless action

Ending each day with a heart full of satisfaction because you’re finally making the big impact your inner vision has been guiding you to all along

Owning your work and doing it your way isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s necessary. Not only for yourself, but everyone around you. This is how you create the most meaningful impact you know you're here to make.

Together, we’re going to find your place of inner overflow, where your cup runneth over with energy, love, and bliss, in all areas of your life. For yourself and everyone around you.

If you are ready to feel deeply fulfilled and satisfied with your career, business, relationships, life, and everything in between, take a look at the options available to work with me

Working with Michelle is like a balm for the soul you didn’t even know you needed.

This has been an eye opening, life-changing experience, I gained more than I ever thought I needed working with her.

The benefit of reconnecting to your true self and owning who you are from the inside out feels like a cloud has dissipated from your conscious and you become truly free to live your best life.

She is gifted beyond measure in her wisdom, compassion, and insight. The personal change she facilitates is nothing short of miraculous.


Mentorship Client

That deep acceptance and joy is exactly why I created the Inner Liberation Method

After helping dozens of Highly Sensitive People and INFJs (including myself)

I'm so excited to guide you through these 9 Inner Liberation Codes!

So that you can uncover your fullest level:

Of confidence, purpose, leadership, joy, inner peace, and potential.

So how to liberate yourself?

Most people are looking for external answers — other people to solve their problems. Diets, supplements and therapies to try to “fix” themselves.

You, however, know this is a backwards approach.

You have been diving into the inner work. You have gone on the therapy journey, done the retreats, taken the courses, read the books.

You know real growth stems from within. But you also know there’s something that needs to go deeper.

That comes with a reality shift. It comes with diving deeper in how you see yourself. What your identity is. What your acceptance of yourself is. Owning who you’re really here to be, unapologetically.

Even if you’ve already taken big strides on your journey.

When you dig into the Inner Liberation Codes, everything changes. Including your external world.

This journey takes you deeper. You see through the veil and own who you REALLY are. You get to levels you can’t achieve with therapy, diets, supplements, or other treatments.

This approach doesn’t involve just one modality. It’s a multifactorial process that addresses the body, mind, spirit, subconscious, and all the energetic components that makes you, you.  

And it involves creating an inner paradigm shift that changes the way you look at absolutely everything. Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Then, you see just how powerful you truly are. You are the commander of your destiny.

The 9 Inner Liberation Codes build on each other. They take you through a journey of 3 ESSENTIAL phases:

Phase One: Connection with YOURSELF

Code 1: PRESENCE – Master your focus and create inner safety, in any circumstance. This isn’t just about meditation. It includes, but then goes deeper than mindfulness. It’s a shift in your entire being.

Code 2: COMPASSION – See yourself in a completely different, compassionate way. When you do, everything changes. Then, you’ll understand who you really are and what you actually want. And you’ll provide yourself and your inner child everything you need and desire, unapologetically.

Code 3: WHOLENESS – Finally see all of your blindspots. Accept your shadow parts. Own them all with unshakeable confidence. Then, you’ll step through a portal into the next level of your liberation.

Phase Two: Connection with your PURPOSE

Code 4: TRUST – You already have all the answers. Calibrate your inner guidance system so you trust yourself and your own knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Code 5: SURRENDER – Life delivers more expansive and abundant opportunity than you could ever plan, force, control, or expect. The more you surrender to the unfolding, the more it all comes to you, without forcing it.

Code 6: FLOW – Everything you do feels more effortless and joyful the deeper you step into aligned flow, connected to your heart and soul. You could even say it feels like magic.

Phase Three: Connection with OTHERS

Code 7: BOUNDARIES – Raise your standards of both relational and energetic boundaries. Without fear or worry how other people will react. Grow meaningful relationships and connections in a way where you feel a genuine sense of authenticity, acceptance, and support.

Code 8: LEADERSHIP – Step into a place of thriving, inner overflow. With abundant energy, joy, passion and love. This is how you can best be the change you wish to see in the world. Watch this ripple effect impact humanity in positive ways.

Code 9: POTENTIALITY – Your potential is truly endless. The power you have over your destiny and reality is in your hands. Own it. Your Inner Liberation is a paradigm shift that will literally change the world.

Three Purpose Phases to finding, living, and owning your deepest mission. With joy, fulfillment, flow, and deep satisfaction:

Phase One: Following the calling

UNCONDITION –Shed the societal expectations that have kept you locked in ways of doing the things you’ve been led to believe you “should”. And rid yourself of those limiting belief mind gremlins. So that you can discover the ways of living and working that actually work best for you.

SELF-ATTUNEMENT – Understand who you really are and what you actually want. And the deeper levels of your soul purpose and mission in your lifetime. Learn how to own your unique gifts as your superpowers, and how to give permission to be yourself no matter what; in your life and with your career.

Phase Two: Navigating The Void and letting go of the old

SHADOW INTEGRATION – Own the parts of you that you’ve hidden, masked, or avoided looking at. And see the amazing parts of you that were hidden from view. All with unshakeable confidence. When you do, you’ll unlock a level of inner freedom that delivers all the satisfaction, peace, happiness, and joy you’ve desired all along. I call this your awakening after the awakening.

SURRENDER – Life delivers more expansive and limitless opportunity than you could ever plan, force, control, or expect. The more you’re able to surrender to the unfolding, the more it all comes to you, without forcing any of it. And it happens in ways more abundant and blissful than what you could have ever even imagined. You learn how to master this state like a ninja.

Phase Three: Trusting yourself and saying yes to the next breadcrumb on your purpose path

INTUITION MASTERY – You already have all the answers. You’ll see how to calibrate your inner guidance system, so you trust yourself and your own knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is what will deliver continually and infinitely deeper levels of satisfying, meaningful purpose to you, ongoing. Give you the clarity to see each step on your path. And the mastery to navigate uncertain moments with confidence.

DEEP LEADERSHIP – Step into a place of thriving, inner overflow. With abundant energy, peace, joy, passion and love. This is how you can best be the change you wish to see in the world. Watch this ripple effect impact humanity in infinitely positive ways. For your lineage, community, and the collective. And show the world what can be accomplished when you are connected to deep, fulfilling inner success that matches the external success you’ve already achieved in your career or business.

This has been an experience of unlocking my own potential and truly coming to understand and connect with the power I have. I truly feel empowered.

It is definitely deep work, you have to be ready and willing to do it, but if you are, it is most definitely worth it. This is one of the best programs I’ve ever gone through. It’s definitely worth every penny.

Working with Michelle will build you in ways you probably didn’t even know were possible!


Mentorship client

Three options to choose from:

Option 1: REBIRTH — You're ready for the deepest transformation possible

Through the Life-transforming Signature mentorship: Aligned & Fulfilled

You're ready to go all the way in. To have me as your guide, as you delve into the depths of the three phases of owning yourself, your truth, and your purpose in your work, with deep conviction. So you can authentically express your gifts through purposeful work that makes an impact and the most fulfilling money you will ever earn.

I'll guide you to identify, nurture, share, and master your most powerful gifts to create the big impact you know you're here to make through your work, especially your sensitivity. You'll make decisions from true authenticity, by learning to say 'yes' to your desires and 'no' to everything else, unapologetically. You'll operate from a state of pure flow, raise your energy levels and income in the fulfilling ways your soul is deeply calling for. And trailblaze a new and innovative path in your industry; so you can perform at your highest potential, while making the deepest, most meaningful impact you know that you’re here to make, feeling fully aligned and fulfilled.

Imagine ending each day with a heart full of satisfaction, because you're finally making the impact your inner vision has been guiding you all along, aligned with your values and soul's desires. And operating from an overflowing level of inner freedom in your work, filled with joy, satisfaction, and supercharged energy that comes from being passionately aligned to your deepest soul mission. You will experience all of this and more through the Aligned & Fulfilled mentorship.

You're ready to go all the way in. To have me as your guide, as you delve into the depths of the three phases of owning yourself, your truth, and your purpose, with deep conviction.

I'll guide you with support and guidance, and teach you essential skills and tools, all in such a way that you will know exactly how to guide yourself ongoing. You'll come out knowing exactly who you are, what you want, and how to follow your own intuition and answers, unapologetically.

Feeling fully and deeply connected to your purpose. Feeling confident to be and express yourself in your career or business, no matter what. And operating in your life's work in a way that feels aligned, joyful, energizing, and richly fulfilling. Making the deep, meaningful impact you know you're here to make, aligned with the values that matter most for you. Working in a way that works best for you. Beyond being abundantly successful in your life's work, you'll feel connected to your bliss, and living each day in your flow. Knowing you've found that "more" you've always known you're meant for.

A 6-month mentorship will deliver your Awakening to living your deepest soul purpose from this new, liberated inner paradigm. A 12-month mentorship will guide you through your Metamorphosis, so that this shift becomes your set-point, permanently. An 18-month journey will alchemize you into the highest level of your inner power, so that you can create the biggest ripple effect of impact as a self leader for humanity.

✦ Bimonthly 90-minute clarifying, transformational, and deeply empowering 1-on-1 Zoom sessions

✦ On-demand Voxer text & voice note support between sessions for continued integration, support, guidance, and spot coaching

✦ Access to all online programs and resources to support your transformational journey throughout the duration of your mentorship.

✦ Hypnotherapy and breathwork recordings, flower remedy and psychoaromatherapy blend suggestions provided for each and every phase of your journey; which support all of your shifts and up-levels to unfold more quickly and efficiently.

✦ Investment:

     ✧ Payment plan: $2,100 USD per month for minimum 6 months

     ✧ Pay-in-full savings for 6, 12, or 18 month commitments

✦ Bimonthly 90-minute clarifying, transformational, and deeply empowering 1-on-1 Zoom sessions

✦ On-demand Voxer text & voice note support between sessions for continued integration, support, guidance, and spot coaching

✦ Access to all online programs and resources to support your transformational journey throughout the duration of your mentorship.

✦ Hypnotherapy and breathwork recordings, flower remedy and psychoaromatherapy blend suggestions provided for each and every phase of your journey; which support all of your shifts and up-levels to unfold more quickly and efficiently.

✦ Investment:

     ✧ Payment plan: $2,100 USD per month for minimum 6 months

     ✧ 6 months Pay-in-full savings: The Awakening $12,000 USD

     ✧ 12 months Pay-in-full savings: The Metamorphosis $22,000 USD

     ✧ 18 months Pay-in-full savings: The Alchemization $30,000 USD

How it works: Fill out the application form so that I can determine whether mentorship is a fit for you. If so, I will be in contact with you within 72 hours, and we can chat together so you can get all of your questions answered. If you decide you're ready for this life-transforming opportunity, we'll schedule your first 1:1 session and get your Inner Liberation started.

Option 2: OWN WHO YOU ARE — Dive into phase one

Through an 8-week Intensive: Permission to Shine

Own, trust, and claim your unique gifts and deepest desires, so you can make a deeper impact in your industry; doing the work that truly lights you up. Shed the conditioning, drop the masks, and be who you're meant to be. Fully and authentically expressed. At home with yourself. Brightly shining your light.

Learn how to create opportunities within your industry that allow you to bring your most potent gifts and abilities as a sensitive, intuitive change maker to your daily work. Build the skills to say "no" to the things that drain your life force, so you can focus on cultivating your superpowers to make the changes your industry so badly needs. Determine the standards you want to establish in your business, and how to put them in place, so that you exclusively do the work that you're truly passionate about, with the people who feel like a dream to work with.

The Purpose-Discovery Intensive will guide you through navigating the first Purpose Phase: following your calling, as described earlier on this page. You'll Uncondition from conditioned "shoulds", programmed expectations, and limiting beliefs. And connect with understanding yourself and what you really want through deep, empowering self-attunement. And start following it, no matter what others around you are saying

You'll learn how to better trust your inner guidance system and know how to follow it, with crystal clarity. How to claim your unique gifts as superpowers, and express them, unapologetically. And how to implement your perspective shifts into action as you move forward on your purpose path in your career or business, and with your life.

✦ Four transformational 1-on-1 Zoom sessions up to 2 hours each, that deliver life-changing insights and guidance to move you further on your path, faster than therapy or other modalities you’ve tried

✦ Four Voxer text & voice note support days between sessions for integration & support

✦ Access to level one online program material to support the shifts you’re making, personally chosen according to your particular needs

✦ Hypnotherapy recording, flower remedy and psychoaromatherapy blend suggestions provided to support you moving to the next phase of your journey more quickly and easily

✦ Investment: $4,400 USD

How it works: Register for the 8-week Purpose Discovery Intensive using the button above. Once payment has gone through, you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need to schedule your first 1:1 session and get your Intensive started

Option 3: CLARITY — Get your exact next steps on discovering what you're meant for

With a personalized Purpose Work Alignment Session

You feel like there’s a new direction that’s calling you. You're on the verge of a big transition and shift to something that’s more fulfilling, and so much more aligned and authentic to who you are and where you want to be going with your work in the world. But the details haven’t fully landed yet. And you know that it’s time to create space to look deep inside to get clarity on your next step.

You know you’re ready to be living in alignment with work that also nourishes and enlivens your life outside of your career. So that when you get home at the end of the day, you still have time and energy to spend doing things you enjoy, and nourishing the relationships with the people you love.

You and I will spend up to two hours together. To dive into what your inner purpose and soul blueprint have in store for you, your work, and the “more” you know you’re meant for in your lifetime.

You’ll come away with deep, life-changing insights, along with clear, practical suggestions, tools, and techniques that will help you to make the shifts you desire. And start living life in alignment with your deepest levels of inner peace, purpose, and fulfillment.

✦ Pre-session purpose assessment (emailed to you upon registration)

1 private Zoom video session up to 2 hours for a high-touch, clarifying, and deeply insightful premium coaching experience with Michelle (a scheduling link to book your session is emailed to you upon registration)

Opportunity to record your session — to refer back to as often as you need.

A curated collection of notes and digital materials to dive into after our session

Action steps tailored to your needs and goals — to support your alignment towards your highest potential and inner purpose

Two Voxer coaching days afterwards for continued integration for even deeper insights, revelations and plan of action

✦ Investment: $547 USD

How it works: Register for your assessment using the button above. Once payment has gone through, you will receive a welcome email with a link to schedule your session. You can schedule your session anytime within 2 months of purchase.

Option 3: CLARITY — Get your exact next steps on discovering what you're meant for

With a personalized Purpose Pathway Assessment

Get a personalized, done-for-you assessment that will deliver a level of clarity about yourself you had never considered possible. I will give you a step-by-step walk-through of your optimal purpose path based on your own personal blueprint. I give you answers based on your current situation, goals and challenges, body physiology, Human Design, personality type, and intuitive energy reading. You’ll receive helpful tools, guidance, and an effective action plan to get you going to the next step on your purpose path towards your highest potential.

✦ 1-1.5 hour personalized recorded assessment of your unique Purpose Pathway. With suggestions, tools, and insightful guidance.

✦ One week of email Q&A support

✦ Access to select online program material to help you gain clarity on your purpose and trust your inner knowing

✦ Hypnotherapy recording, flower remedy and psychoaromatherapy blend suggestions provided to support you moving to the next phase of your journey more quickly and easily

✦ Investment: $400 USD

How it works: Register for your assessment using the button above. Once payment has gone through, you will receive a welcome email with an assessment form for you to fill out. Once completed, I will email you your assessment results, along with access to your program materials. If you register for a 1:1 session add-on, I will provide all the information you need to schedule your session when I send you your assessment results.

Michelle is gifted at connecting with you, and she picks up on things that you would never see. Her revelations about me were spot on. It’s like she has a 6th sense.

I’d suggest to anyone considering this work to do it! Don’t hesitate. It’s life-changing. And once you start this journey, everything happens more and more quickly the further you go.

It’s hard to put words to this, it’s not a conventional approach. It’s like the work you do after you’ve done therapy. It will be challenging at first, but you’ll be reborn into the best version of yourself and you’ll know what it’s truly like to LIVE. You become free. Life becomes so, so much better.
Mentorship client

Client stories

A more aligned and purposeful path

Client L. knew something was misaligned about her life but she wasn’t quite sure what. She had been putting so much of her focus on her career and family, that she had lost connection with what she actually wanted for herself.

Through a mentorship journey with me, she reconnected with what really lights her up. Got clear on her values. And saw exactly where she was leaking her energy and her personal power. Even though she had done a great deal of foundational therapy and personal healing work before coming to see me, she hadn’t yet seen these blindspots. And for those she had, she was never quite sure how to shift them.

I helped her reconnect to her own inner knowing, and trust it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Once she did, she decided to shift her career towards a path truly aligned with her most meaningful values. Instead of working for a company whose financial bottom line was more important than its employees wellbeing, she left and started her own venture.

She’s giving back to her community with this new enterprise she created, while feeling lit up, joyful, and energized every single day. And her new business has become more successful more quickly than she imagined was even possible.

And with her family, she’s established clear communication and healthy boundaries that benefit everyone involved. She feels supported, understood, and deeply satisfied in every area of her life.

A leader making impact on generations

Client R. spent twenty years raising her beautiful family, and took her role as domestic engineer very seriously. Now that her children had departed for university, she was left asking “who am I now, and what do I REALLY want?”

We journeyed together to help her reconnect with herself. Underneath all the layers of programmed conditioning from society that had led her to believe her worth was tied to what she did and her level of productivity. Client R., through this journey, found her voice. She started speaking up for what she really believes in, and found her sense of purpose beyond her role as a mother and wife.

Since embarking on this journey back home to herself, she found that her adult children started noticing the difference in her level of happiness, resilience, and ability to navigate challenges. On their own accord, without her suggesting, client R.’s children decided to embark on their own journeys to deepen their own self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Which is making for a healthier level of communication and support within the entire family system.

Client R. became the change she wished to see, and through leading by example, she created a positive ripple effect that touched everyone in her family. And they, in turn, are positively impacting everyone around them.

So what's my story?

A dark night of the soul is what got me to where I am today.

It all started with the passing of my mother. Followed by the worst autoimmune and endometriosis flare of my life.

Everything I knew to try as a Naturopathic Doctor only got me so far in my recovery, right down to the strictest diets, strategies, and therapies, along with all the medical treatments my doctors could think of. I knew I needed to look elsewhere.

All of it forced me to venture deeper into my own inner healing work – the last stone unturned – which changed the entire trajectory of my life and career.

I’ve awakened to a whole new reality that continues to improve my life and my life’s work in inexplicable and seemingly magical ways.

With my own Inner Liberation Journey...

I was able to go from:

✦ Feeling overworked and undervalued in my work as a clinical Naturopathic Doctor

✦ Fawning survival responses like people-pleasing, perfectionism, rescuing, and prioritizing everyone else’s needs before my own (all of which were leaving me feel burned out and resentful)

✦ Believing that my sensitivity, depth, and intensity were flaws that needed to be fixed and made me broken.

✦ Holding onto that tight grasp I had on needing to feel in control of everything and everyone around me

✦ Being in a codependent relationship with my career

✦ Feeling I “should” be working and doing things in a certain way based on preconceived expectations from others

✦ Thinking my purpose and value came from my status and job title, but never feeling fulfilled no matter how many people called me Doctor.

✦ Feeling at the mercy of my chronic illness symptoms

✦ Overwhelmed and triggered by other people’s moods, energy, criticisms, judgements, and emotional reactions

✦ Living in an inner world filled with constant worry, inner pressure, and self-judgment

And go into:

✦ Having crystal clarity about my purpose, mission, and who I really am

✦ Doing what really I love, the way I love to do it — confidently and unapologetically

✦ Feeling energized, satisfied, and fulfilled in my work, relationships, and day-to-day life

✦ Having a better relationship with my body and health, and remission with many of my chronic illness symptoms.

✦ Believing in myself with unwavering self-acceptance, love, and trust

✦ No longer feeling derailed by other people’s comments, moods, or projections and instead, feeling calm, centered and confident

✦ Seeing the unlimited potential and inner freedom available to me as I live as my fully aligned, authentic self.

✦ Harnessing my highly sensitive nature and profound depth as superpowers (which not only improves my own enjoyment in life, but helps other people to improve their own)

✦ Living a purpose-filled, blissful life. Carrying out my life’s work the way that works best for me and for the people I guide.

Through my own healing journey that led to me developing the Inner Liberation Method, I transformed from the inside out, and was able to connect with my true purpose and mission in my life.

Then, I had an intense, life-changing astrology reading that confirmed to me what I’m doing is exactly who I’m meant to be. Proof my methodology points me in the right direction within myself, and will do the same for you, as well.

It is my deepest mission to guide driven, deep, sensitive people (like me) back home to themselves and to the magic and power they possess within. When they do, and understand how to harness it, they step into the life they know they’ve always been meant for…and beyond.

Intuitive Career Pivot Mentor for deep, driven, sensitive people

Hi! I’m Michelle Dowker. Happy partner to an avid game hunter & fisherman. Supportive stepmom to two young adults following their soul dreams of becoming an architect and a veterinarian. Pet parent to a busy young Alaskan Husky and an elderly house cat. Aspiring homesteader. Lover of recipes. Knitter. Science nerd. Buddhist.

And Intuitive Career Pivot Mentor for Highly Ambitious Sensitive People who are ready to step into their “more” in life, with purposeful fulfillment.

On the path to discovering the deeply soul fulfilling purpose-driven work I do today, I’ve stepped into many different roles throughout the past 25 years of my career.

From working as a medical assistant in the army when I was in University, to working corporate Life Insurance in underwriting. Then, going back to school to become a clinical Naturopathic Doctor.

While all of these different iterations of my career taught me important things that I use in my work today, they were not my purpose work as I see my purpose work today.

They didn't bring the deep level of fulfillment that I was craving. I knew deep down in my bones there was something more for me. But it wasn’t clear at the time what exactly that was.

So, for years, I stuck with what I knew. And what family, friends, and colleagues told me was acceptable. Following what my profession said I must do. Trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

I wasn’t listening to my intuition. Because other people’s voices were louder. Telling me the things I truly enjoyed doing didn’t make sense. And I believed them.

So I put my personal interests on the back burner. Instead, I prioritized other people’s demands, expectations, and preferences. Which left me feeling out of touch with myself. Wondering who I really was, and what direction I truly wanted to go.

How I stepped into the purpose work that changed my whole life

What needed to change was shedding the conditioning that I “should” be anyone other than who I am. And accept, own, and trust who I actually am and my true desires for the work I wanted to be doing in the world.

You see, I’m a deep, intense, intuitive, sensitive person. And for most of my life, I’d been conditioned to believe these traits were flaws. That I needed to hide them away and change who I was.

Once I finally saw these attributes as the gifts and superpowers that they are, everything changed.

I started trusting my own inner guidance system. And realized that it directs me far better than anything or anyone else. I have my own answers. And so do you.

With these new perspective shifts in place, I started following the call. A deep inner sense within myself that I’m meant to be doing something deep and meaningful. Something that I’m also passionate about and lights me up.

And with each step I trusted myself to take, my purpose and mission became increasingly more clear.

I love guiding others, like me, through the process of up-leveling yourself to connect to your dream work. Helping you to make moves in your career that allow you to be living your life and doing meaningful work that truly makes you happy, in a way that works best for you.

The work that's been the most fulfilling to me than anything I’ve ever done before is to help you own your calling. See yourself for who you really are and trust it. And to translate all of that into work in the world that creates the level of impact you know you’re here to make. That also brings you a deep level of inner fulfillment that you simply didn’t have before.

As a result, I love my life, every single day. Feeling free, joyful, and fulfilled in the way that I run my business and serve my clients, day-to-day.

On a schedule that works for me. With time available each day to take my dog for hikes in the forest behind my house. And spend quality time with my sweetheart.

Choosing to make these changes in my career has brought me a life where I can care for my health and keep my endometriosis and autoimmune condition in remission.

And the location freedom to live in a remote part of Canada. Where we’re making moves to homestead on our 200 acre forested property. Complete with a horse stable and cow pasture. With a plan to build, move in, and be fully off-grid within the next five years.

My experiences, skills, and intuitive strengths help you align yourself to follow the call to the next steps in the career or business that you deeply desire. In a fraction of the time that it took me.

In going through this hugely transformational life and career pivot for myself, I’ve tapped into my gift for helping you to quickly identify what’s not the right fit for you. And tap into your own true desire to get clarity on the next moves that are going to open you up to a whole other world of fulfillment, impact, and meaningful work. This is my gift.

I made big changes in my business and stepped away from a relentlessly exhausting back-to-back patient schedule as a naturopathic doctor, to creating my dream business, where I get to go really deep and have enriching conversations with total dream clients. To create bigger changes in the lives of others than I was ever able to do before I stepped into my gifts in this way.

Where I used to be exhausted at the end of the day, now, I’m exhilarated, filled with passion, and excited for tomorrow.

This work that I now teach and guide you through helped me to go from 12-hour days in my clinic seeing back-to-back patients. Being constantly exhausted. Struggling with endometriosis flare ups. Using my evenings and weekends to try to recover. Putting my hobbies on the back burner. And feeling so burned out and unfulfilled…

...To living a life that feels joyful, fulfilling, and nourishing. Having rich conversations where I’m able to be all of me. And creating impact that has me jumping out of bed in the morning, energized and excited to connect with my day.

If I can create this change, let this be evidence that you can create the life and career that you deeply love, as well.

If you’re ready, I look forward to helping you align yourself in your dream career or business that truly brings fulfillment.

I used to struggle with issues related to my highly sensitive and deep nature and accepting myself as a person. My people pleasing tendencies were having negative impacts on my life, as well as my fear of what other people thought, and how people might react if I expressed who I truly was. It impacted my work as well as relationships.

Now, I reclaimed my personal power. I have experienced more profound peace and self-acceptance than ever before in my life. It’s night and day to how I was operating before.

This is truly deep transformative work that heals from the inside out. To anyone thinking about working with Michelle I would say that if Michelle’s work resonates with you on any level at all, do yourself a favor and reach out and begin the process.
Mentorship client
I was stuck in a hamster wheel of people-pleasing to show I was valuable and worthy of love. I was struggling to reconnect with myself and repeating patterns of shaming and blaming myself for things that were not mine to own.

I tried all the modalities, therapists, doctors and remedies to try to ‘fix’ or change myself. The bottom line was I could not keep going or working this way. I stumbled across Michelle and instantly felt seen.

This work is perfect for the highly sensitives who feel lost or like they don’t belong, and they find themselves repeating life patterns and behaviors and don’t know how to stop the cycle. And most importantly, for those who want to reconnect with the stranger they once knew as themselves. This work is challenging, but it is the most rewarding and important work you will ever do.
Mentorship client

Our story

What makes this work so special?

Hi! My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m a mentor for deep, ambitious, Highly Sensitive People and INFJs.

I integrate neuroscience, psychology, physiology, eastern philosophy, somatics, energy medicine, and much more into my personal development and inner growth work.

As a former Naturopathic Doctor, I have over 20 years of education and clinical experience. And I've also racked up dozens of additional certifications including Master Certified Coach, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Guide, and Breathwork Facilitator, and studied with several masters, including a buddhist nun and shamanic healer.

Over and over, my clients tell me that what they get working with me goes miles deeper, significantly faster, than anything they achieved in therapy or with any other personal development or healing approach they've tried.

The level of growth, expansion, empowerment, and self-understanding they get from even one session is more than all the years put together of all the other approaches they've tried.

My clients tell me that one session with me brings them the equivalent value of months, and even years, of traditional coaching or therapy. And 6 months with me completely transforms them from the inside out.

I have a knack of being able to see the roots of your perspectives, beliefs, and understanding that you can’t *yet* see. And flip them, so you can see what else is possible. Once you see the new, expanded perspective, you can't "unsee" it. Which creates permanent change.

And I teach you the real-life skills to turn your new perspectives into tangible reality. All of which propels you forward along your path of your highest potential and inner purpose.

So that you can take the most effective steps to build a life that fulfills you, energizes you, and brings a huge smile to your face every time you get out of bed in the morning. Because you're so joyfully obsessed with your work in the world.

You come out of work with me feeling completely connected and aligned with yourself and the work you know you're here to do in the world. I help you unlock your highest potential and infinite possibilities, from within. In complete alignment with the life that you deeply desire to be living.

“I’ve gained more understanding and insight in just one session than I have in years of seeing therapists and other practitioners”
Self-Discovery Intensive client

My unique blend of approaches, perspectives, and modalities is what makes my work so impactful and effective, along with my own personal blueprint of intuitive and healing abilities.

Astrologically, I have both plutonian power and vessel constructs in my chart. This is a rare and powerful arrangement, which means that I have a strong and unique shaman-like gift to empower and awaken people, through just connecting with me. 

This gift works by bringing awareness to and quickly breaking cycles of outdated patterns and behaviors and releasing toxic shame, so that you can up-level and move forward on your path of self-realization and enlightenment — permanently; and do this more quickly and sustainably than you could ever do it on your own.

I see and acknowledge you, listen to your story, and hear what’s being said between the words. I provide guidance and support from physical and physiological, subconscious, and energetic points of view, so that you can widen your perspective in ways that change your entire life.

It’s not about me telling you what to do, fixing or saving you, but rather, I guide you back to yourself and the answers you have within yourself.

I show you where to look, how to look, and what to do to make the deep shifts you’re seeking from within. And how to strengthen your new “legs” as you step up to this up-levelled reality, and wire this paradigm as your new set-point.

I explain what you’re experiencing at each step of the process of transformational change, so you understand how to navigate future up-levels for yourself, going forward.

You are the answer you are looking for. I help you to remember that, connect to it, and learn how to deeply trust yourself in the process.

The methodology I guide my clients through are the very steps I took myself through that has brought me to the life transformation and up-leveled sense of purpose and potential that I live out myself, every single day.

If you’re looking to connect back to yourself more deeply than ever, so that you can step into the next level of your purpose and rise to your highest potentials with your relationships, health, career, and everything in between in a practical and sustainable way, this work is for you.

Finding ease and flow

Client S. was struggling to find meaning in her work. She is extremely good at what she does, but at the end of the day, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Instead, all she saw was the endless project list, and was internalizing all the pressure placed on her by her corporate higher-ups.

Through some deep, paradigm-shifting perspective alterations, she was able to see her bosses’ responses in a completely different way — as projections of their own unmet needs and internalized pressure. She learned how to create boundaries around her workload, stand up for her rights, and shift her focus. Instead of feeling so caught up in the endless list of “shoulds”, she found ways to find enjoyment and ease with the moment right in front of her.

When she did, she said it was like everyone around her changed. She got increasingly better reviews, a promotion and a pay raise. Director’s demands no longer triggered her. And she finally found her groove. She felt she was able to get more done in less time with a greater level of efficiency, quality and accuracy, because she was operating from flow.

Colleagues noticed the shift within her, and look to her for guidance. The entire vibe of the department has changed. Now, a job that she had wondered whether she would have to leave, feels joyful and fulfilling, every single day. Because she shifted from within herself.

I look forward to showing you the way to your Inner Liberation

“I don’t know what would have made this program better, it was better than I expected. I didn’t think it was possible to make that much progress in such a short time.

After working together, I feel more at peace with myself. I feel safer, more in control, an internal glow, happiness and confidence. I learned to trust myself, believe myself, actually love and respect myself and I've found faith in the world again. I no longer feel like I'm fighting my way through life. I don't chase outcomes, I let them come to me. And it's liberating.

I'm very sensitive and I felt openness and acceptance at every turn and like she genuinely cared. She helped me feel seen, heard, and safe.”
Mentorship client
I'm so happy I decided to work with Michelle. I’ve grown more in 6 months than I have in 6 years. Maybe even 20.

It’s an investment in yourself that will pay you back in many dividends over years to come.

But the price you pay is not just money, you need to be willing to put your own time in to use Michelle’s guidance to help yourself. If you’re open minded, then you will benefit from this work.
Becky P
Mentorship client
I was surprised about how much personal growth and progress I made with Michelle in months compared to years of traditional therapy.

The work I did with Michelle was life changing for me. I’m so grateful that I connected with her.

I give 5/5 stars
Mentorship client
Michelle is gifted at really understanding what emotions I was experiencing, and interpreting what I couldn’t. That helped me better understand why and what I was feeling.

She’s very intuitive and great at digging deep into the root of struggles, give me helpful insights, and reframe things and put it all in perspective.

Michelle is very kind, smart, intuitive, and most importantly, she feels safe to be vulnerable with. A very warm and caring person.
Mentorship client
My life has changed completely, and all for the better. I have changed on an emotional level, nearly all my symptoms have disappeared, and I have made huge strides professionally and personally since starting my work with Michelle.

I now feel as though I am who I was always intended to be, the best version of me. Someone who is in control and more at peace than I have felt in years.

Michelle helped me heal from the inside out. This work is the kindest thing I have done for myself.
Mentorship client


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