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Know your worth and inherent value with deep, unwavering certitude

So you can feel peace, joy, and bliss within yourself.
And step up to the next level of your life's purpose and your life's work with clarity, confidence, and ease.

Imagine feeling rock solid about the value that you offer to the world — just for being you.

And how owning that expands your success with your life’s work, relationships, health, and everything in between.

here's a glimpse into your future...

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.

Worthy, the program, will guide you to see just how valuable you truly are.

And own your power so you can step up to the next level of your life’s work and highest potential.

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$247 USD

or $77 per month

"This has been an experience of unlocking my own potential and truly coming to understand and connect with the power I have. I truly feel empowered"​
"This has been an eye-opening, life-changing experience. I gained more than I ever thought I needed"
“This program feels like I step into a portal every time I log in. I feel an energetic change whenever I go through the material. It feels magical. I have more profound peace and self-acceptance than ever before in my life.”

Client Story

Virginia* had a tendency to over-give, over-work, and over-deliver in her job, because she felt like whatever she did wasn’t good enough. She thought she had to put in extra time and energy in order to gain acceptance from her boss, coworkers, and clients. She wanted to make them happy. Because, at the root of it all, she didn’t accept and wasn’t happy with herself.

When she went through the lessons in Worthy, the program, Virginia began to see herself in a completely different way. Instead of judging herself and her work harshly, she felt compassion for herself. And realized that who she was is more valuable than what she had given herself credit for.

Before going through Worthy, the program, Virginia was on the brink of burnout. And felt like she had nothing to show for all the hard work and long hours she had put in.

Now, she operates in a completely different way. She no longer over-gives her time and energy. And because she’s found satisfaction first within herself, she’s found that others are more than satisfied with the work that she does — even though she’s putting in less hours and effort than before. And most importantly, she feels happier and more energetic. This impacts not only her work, but her relationships, and her overall well-being.

*Names changed to protect client privacy

Who's this for?

You’re a deep, profound, Highly Sensitive Person. As such, you’ve always had a sense there’s something different about you. And it’s often left your questioning whether you’re good enough.

In order to get those vital developmental needs met of belonging, acceptance, and safety, you’ve adopted fawning survival responses. People pleasing, rescuing, helping, saving, and perfectionistic behaviours — in order to gain a sense of acceptance, love, safety, or belonging.

These behaviours have helped you in many ways. However, what helped you to survive is not what helps you to thrive.

While you’ve done some important self-awareness and personal development work, you see that you still tend to second-guess yourself. Boundaries can still feel difficult. And while you have achieved a certain level of success in your life, you don’t feel satisfied. Especially with yourself.

You know you have a deep level of purpose to live out in this lifetime, and you want to unlock more of it for yourself.

The answer isn’t to change yourself, prioritize others more, or push past your boundaries.

The answer is to love yourself more. See yourself through compassionate eyes. And give yourself all the things you’ve been seeking from others this whole time.

The thing is...

When you look to other people, situations, and things to validate you and give you your sense of value, it will never be enough. You find yourself trapped in a cycle of chasing, and never feeling fulfilled, worthy, or good enough.

This will impact how people in turn respond to you. Which affects the quality of your relationships, your career or business, and inevitably, your health.

When you turn it all around and establish all of this from within, your whole world changes. Including you. Worthy, the program, guides you to do just that.

You’ll be guided through perspective-altering paradigm shifts. Nervous system and subconscious rewiring processes. And guided reflection activities that will show you exactly what you need and want from within yourself. And discover how to give it all to yourself, and more.

Life-changing Lessons

See yourself in a completely new, compassionate, valuable, and empowering way.

Three powerful and perspective shifting video lessons will guide you through a journey of discovering just how valuable you really are.

You’ll be guided through exercises and visualizations that will help you see what you’ve really been wanting your whole life. And how to give those things to you. So you can stop chasing them externally. You’ll see yourself in a whole new way; with compassion, love, and acceptance.

You’ll see where you might still be operating out of survival behaviours. And how to step into operating from of a state of inner thriving. When you do, you’ll see your own worth for what it is: powerful and magical. And everyone around you will see it, too. 

This expands your level of inner and outer success with your work, relationships, health, and everything in between.

Create a new set-point of deep, inner value

Through subconscious re-wiring

You’ll have access to a powerful hypnotherapy recording that will guide you to see the deep, powerful value that you have within yourself. And believe, own, and trust it, fully and completely.

And you’ll be guided through a powerful Conscious Connected Breathwork session, which is a somatic body practice, that will wire in this new level of inner worth into both your subconscious and nervous system. This way, these new perspective shifts don’t just impact your conscious mind, but this new way of seeing yourself becomes imprinted within your body and subconscious. This is what makes lasting, sustainable change.


Nervous system regulation support for even better and long-lasting results

Before diving diving into deepening your self-worth, it’s essential to create a foundation of nervous system regulation.

So these changes you make become and integrated part of your life. Not just knowledge that you file away on the back burner of your brain.

Bonus content

Additional tools, workshops, and recommendations

Bonus content so you can continue to deepen your self trust and step into your magic & power with even more confidence and clarity.

And a credit for you!!

If you decide to work with Michelle in a Liberate Yourself 6- or 12-month mentorship, your investment from this program will be credited towards your mentorship

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"I used your techniques and I was able to finally calm down. What a godsend!"
"I really enjoyed how you explained the science behind how everything works - it helped me make so many connections. I knew it was an issue I wanted to work on, but I didn’t fully see just how much it was affecting every part of my health. It helped so much"
"Michelle explains things in a way that's simple and easy to understand...The program created a sense of peace I hadn't felt in a really long time"

Client Story

Lindsay* was a perfectionist. She believed that if she didn’t make sure her work wasn’t picture-perfect and painstakingly organized, then it wasn’t worth anything. She felt the same way about her home, her meals, her clothes, and of course, her physical appearance. Her perfectionism controlled her, and she knew it had to change.

She had already come to realize that this survival mechanism came about in her early years, where she was raised by parents who didn’t give her much attention unless she got the best grades and the top prizes in sports and academics. She was praised for being perfect, and felt that if she wasn’t, she wasn’t deserving of love, appreciation, or acknowledgement.

As she went through the content in Worthy, the program, she started to see herself, her story, and her inner child in a whole new way. She could see that her perfectionism was her inner child’s way to ask for appreciation and acknowledgement. Using the tools and guided activities in Worthy, the program, she started giving herself the inner acknowledgement she craved.

What unfolded almost looked like magic. She stopped obsessing over perfection. And actually embraced imperfection, using “perfectly imperfect” as her mantra.

She found a way to find flow and ease, without obsessing over every tiny detail. And with these changes, she found herself living in the present moment with deep joy and satisfaction. Her relationship became a thousand times more enjoyable. She got promoted at work. And she took all of these wins in with confidence, because she finally knew she was worthy of everything that came to her. For her just being her.

*Names changed to protect client privacy

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Michelle Dowker. Happy partner to an avid game hunter & fisherman. Supportive stepmom to two young adults following their soul dreams of becoming an architect and a veterinarian. Pet parent to a busy young Alaskan Husky and an elderly house cat. Aspiring homesteader. Lover of recipes. Knitter. Science nerd. Buddhist.

And Intuitive Career Pivot Mentor for Highly Ambitious Sensitive People who are ready to step into their “more” in life, with purposeful fulfillment.

For most of my life, I didn’t feel I was good enough. Even after three graduate degrees and a doctor title, I still felt like I had little worth.

Years of programmed conditioning had me convinced that my unique traits — of being sensitive, deep, profound, and introspective — made me “weird”. I had been made to believe that the way I operate was wrong, so I believed I had little value to contribute.

While I had a successful job and an important title, I still didn’t feel confident about myself. I knew I was good at what I did, however, that did not translate to the level of worth I felt about myself. And that impacted my level of satisfaction with the work I did, and the quality of the relationships I had.

I was stuck on other people’s opinions. I was seeking acceptance and validation outside of myself. But no matter how much recognition I received, it was never enough. Because I had yet to realize that none of it would matter if I didn’t first solidify my own sense of worth from within.

In this program, WORTHY, I guide you through the very process I took myself through to finally see my own value. It's an essential shift that I made that changed everything about my life and my career path.

Now, I feel confident about myself and my skills. And no longer seek other's opinions for validation. Because my conviction now comes from within. I see my own value, and because of that, my outer world has opened up, almost like magic.

This program represents one of the nine Inner Liberation Codes I guide my clients through when they work with me 1:1 in mentorship

In WORTHY, I share with you a collection of simple, yet extremely effective tools and approaches to see yourself in a whole new, compassionate and loving way. And own your inherent worth beyond a shadow of a doubt — no matter what other people are saying or doing.

When you own your deep value, you step up to another layer of expansion in your life and in your life's work, almost like magic. It improves your level of satisfaction with the work you do, with your relationships, and your body and health — in innumerable ways.

And to wire in this inner knowing, I also include subconscious-shifting hypnosis and Conscious Connected Breathwork — so that this new reality of owning your inherent worth becomes encoded in your subconscious and nervous system, fast and permanently.

This work that I now teach and guide you through helped me to go from 12-hour days in my clinic seeing back-to-back patients. Being constantly exhausted. Struggling with endometriosis flare-ups. Using my evenings and weekends to try to recover. Putting my hobbies on the back burner. And feeling so burned out and unfulfilled…

...To living a life that feels joyful, fulfilling, and nourishing. Having rich conversations where I’m able to be all of me. And creating impact that has me jumping out of bed in the morning, energized and excited to connect with my day.

If I can create this change, let this be evidence that you can create the life and career that you deeply love, as well.

 If you’re ready, I look forward to guiding you to own your worth more deeply than ever before, and step into the next level of your highest potential with confidence, joy, ease, and deep satisfaction.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email Michelle at michelle@wellbalance.ca

What changed everything

A dark night of the soul after the passing of my mother and the worst autoimmune flare of my life changed everything for me. I was hurtled into my own inner awakening journey that led me to see myself in a whole new way. And that changed everything.

Among the things I discovered during my inner pilgrimage, I learned to acknowledge my level of worth within myself. Instead of seeking others to do it for me. And to have deep compassion for myself, instead of harshly judge or criticize myself like I once had done.

When I changed how I saw myself and was able to recognize my own inherent worth, everything changed, both inside and out. I stepped into higher and higher levels of my soul’s purpose. My relationships blossomed. And my physical health improved.

It wasn't as complicated as I imagined

I learned it wasn’t as complicated as I had imagined to solidify my self worth, and I didn’t have to run off to some year-long silent retreat in the mountains or turn my life upside down to learn how to truly love myself and who I am.

Now, I’m aligned with what my inner knowing knows is my mission and purpose in life: to guide other deep, driven, highly sensitive souls to reconnect with the authentic truth within yourself. So that you can rise up to your highest potential and the ‘more’ you know you’re meant for.

How my story helps you

Client Story

Tim*, a deep and profound HSP, knew that he had certain values he held near and dear to his heart. However, his friends didn’t share the same values as him, and often pressured him to change or told him his values were wrong.

He struggled with trusting himself when he was overwhelmed by all of his friends’ peer pressure. He wasn’t sure if perhaps he was on the wrong path.

After going through the Liberation Codes, he found once completing the Trust Yourself code, that he knew with crystal clarity that he was on the right path for him, even though his friends said otherwise.

Now, he feels confident and comfortable with his values and his own life path decisions. Other people’s comments no longer pull him off his centre. He knows he’s living his best life, and he’s never felt so empowered, joyful, and satisfied with his life. 

*Names changed to protect client privacy


There is no deadline to your access to this program. As long as this program exists, you will have access to it.

And you will also have access to any updates and upgrades this program receives over time.

It is highly recommended you go through this program more than once. The way the content is designed, each time you watch it, you’ll uncover yet another layer for yourself. My current clients revisit the content, and every time they do, they tell me they’ve unlocked yet another insight that has helped them up-level another level higher in their personal development, transformation, awakening, and individuation.

You have ongoing access to go through this program as often as you need.

You can take as long or as little time as you wish with the content. The three main content videos are about 60 minutes long, each. You can watch them all in one sitting, or take it step by step.

The extra tools, practices, and exercises provided only take minutes to do, and some don’t actually take any additional time out of your day. The key is committing yourself to trying them. With regular practice, you will notice a difference.

Because the teachings in the main content is delivered in layers, it is suggested that you revisit these recordings from time to time, so that you can unveil yet another layer of perspective shifts and deepen your progress, development, and growth. You can do this as many times as you wish.

What I teach here is exactly what I teach my own 1:1 mentorship clients as part of their work with me.

While each person and their results will differ, if you implement the practices, tools, and concepts  taught in this program, you will gain a greater sense of awareness and understanding about yourself and your inherent worth, of you just being you.

When you practice the guided exercises and listen to the subconscious re-wiring recordings, you will develop increasingly greater levels of confidence within yourself and trust your own decisions, even if you doubted them before. And feel self-assured about your choices, no matter what anyone else is saying or doing around you.

Because once you see how your inner guidance system really works, you can’t “unsee” it. When you change the way you see it all, everything changes, from the inside out, permanently.

Being a neurodivergent Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)  myself, who found the way to claiming my own sensitivity as a superpower, I share from my personal experience, as well as the science and research, and results from years of work as a practitioner guiding souls like me to their own sense of self empowerment.

In this program, I share my own personal journey of not knowing my worth. And how I learned to see my own value in me being me; owning my sensitivity and depth as superpowers. And I guide you to do the same for yourself.

If you resonate with being sensitive, an empath, or neurodivergent, you will relate to what I have to say, and you’ll gain life-changing perspective shifts along with practical tools and suggestions to help you see your inherent worth beyond a shadow of a doubt. No matter what anyone else is saying or doing.

This program is designed as a unique and comprehensive process that blends a number of different modalities that touch on several different ways of integration and healing. Based on science and energetic healing arts, intuition and logic, practical approaches and perspective shifts. This program incorporates both the mind and the body, the conscious and the subconscious — all from a trauma-informed lens.

It is because of this multi-factorial approach that this program and its approach is so effective. Those who’ve tried all the things, including therapeutic diets, supplements, therapy, counselling, will find this different.

It’s created by a neurodivergent Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) for fellow sensitives, and based on personal healing and professional experience, including knowledge gathered from years as a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Certified Life Coach.

This is my own life’s work wrapped up in a bow for you, so that you don’t have to flounder around like I did trying to figure it out.

It’s a guided journey to help you see yourself in a whole new way, and trust and accept it, much faster and more smoothly than if you were to journey alone.

Worthy, the program, will guide you to see yourself and your inherent worth with confident crystal clarity. So that you can own your value in your work, in your relationships, and in every aspect of your life. No matter what anyone around you says or does.

When you do, you’ll see that you up-level your life’s purpose in ways that feel filled with ease, energy, bliss, and deep satisfaction.

This program will give you an incredible foundation to know your worth and inherent value with deep certitude. This is, of course, just one step of several in my signature process to guide you to step into your highest potential and experience an expanded sense of confidence, peace, joy, and purpose.

Should you decide to continue onto higher online program levels or get 1:1 support, you will receive a credit for what you invested in this program towards a mentorship.

Great! I’m happy to answer them. Send me an email to michelle@wellbalance.ca 

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are you ready to own your worth beyond a shadow of a doubt?

And own the power and value of you for just being you

So you can expand the impact and success of your work, relationships, health, and every single thing in between.

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$247 USD

or $77 per month

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