6 minute meditation

Grab the 6-minute meditation audio that grounds, calms, and uplifts

This simple, easy-to-listen to meditation is one of the meditations I guide myself through every day. You’ll feel centred and inspired


Who am I, anyway?

Hi! My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m a Naturopathic Doctor turned Inner Awakening Facilitator.

I have over 20 years of combined formal education and clinical experience, and many additional certifications, including Master Certified Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.

I used to feel confused and overwhelmed by other people’s stuff—their reactions, emotions, criticisms, comments—and believed it was because I was too sensitive & needed “fixing”.

Then I realized other’s reactions are projections of their own stuff & had nothing to do with me.

And that my response to their reactions have everything to do with my own lack of acceptance of MYSELF.

I finally saw I wasn’t broken. That it was a conditioned belief I adopted because of previous life experiences.

And I realized through this process my sensitivity was my superpower, magic, and gift to the world.

This was one of the keys that opened up doors to a whole new way of existing: with peace, ease, joy, purpose, inner freedom & empowerment.

It has since become my passion to guide sensitives like me back home to themselves and the magic they possess within.

When you transform your inner relationship, you feel more calm, clear, and confident about yourself, your boundaries, and the magnificent power you truly possess within yourself.

This simple yet powerful 6-minute meditation can be a helpful starting point to help you feel calmer, more grounded, confident, and uplifted. This sets the stage for your awakening to deepen to levels you never before imagined.