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Learn a powerful technique to make clear, confident career moves that bring you true fulfillment

You’re going to learn a powerful tool to go from indecision to clear, confident decision making, that skyrockets your level of energy and enjoyment with your career or business

Using this tool has helped me:

And in my client's world:

And I use this method every day when making important business decisions. I no longer question whether I’m making the right move. Now, I know which choices are most aligned for what I want and how I work, and I trust it, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

It's been an invaluable tool for me to get to know myself better and also learn to listen to and trust my own instincts. Now that I better understand how to decipher these feelings, I feel more confident in myself knowing that my intuition will let me know if something is aligned for me or not
Mentorship client

Intuitive Career Pivot Mentor for deep, driven, sensitive people

Hi! I’m Michelle Dowker. Happy partner to an avid game hunter & fisherman. Supportive stepmom to two young adults following their soul dreams of becoming an architect and a veterinarian. Pet parent to a busy young Alaskan Husky and an elderly house cat. Aspiring homesteader. Lover of recipes. Knitter. Science nerd. Buddhist.

And Intuitive Career Pivot Mentor for Highly Ambitious Sensitive People who are ready to step into their “more” in life, with purposeful fulfillment.

On the path to discovering the deeply soul fulfilling purpose-driven work I do today, I’ve stepped into many different roles throughout the past 25 years of my career.

From working as a medical assistant in the army when I was in University, to working corporate Life Insurance in underwriting. Then, going back to school to become a clinical Naturopathic Doctor.

While all of these different iterations of my career taught me important things that I use in my work today, they were not my purpose work as I see my purpose work today.

They didn't bring the deep level of fulfillment that I was craving. I knew deep down in my bones there was something more for me. But it wasn’t clear at the time what exactly that was.

Because I wasn’t listening to or trusting my intuition. Because other people’s voices were louder. Telling me the things I truly enjoyed doing didn’t make sense. And I believed them.

So I put my personal interests on the back burner. Instead, I prioritized other people’s demands, expectations, and preferences. Which left me feeling out of touch with myself. Wondering who I really was, and what direction I truly wanted to go.

A technique that helped me get clear and confident about my choices

The powerful technique I will teach you in this video was something I created once I went through my own journey of learning how to trust my inner guidance system.

As a neurodivergent Highly Sensitive Person who doesn’t always think the same way as the people around me, I needed to figure out how my intuition spoke to me. And realized that my inner intuitive language is unique to me. Just as yours is unique to you.

This “red and green flag” power tool is a method I’ve now taught countless clients, so they can get clear on their own decision making and intuitive process.

And it’s an essential foundation skill my clients use in countless different ways to deepen their own inner trust, get clear on their own answers, and feel unwaveringly confident about every career, business, relationship, and life choice they make.

As a result, I love my life, every single day. Feeling free, joyful, and fulfilled in the way that I run my business and serve my clients, day-to-day.

On a schedule that works for me. With time available each day to take my dog for hikes in the forest behind my house. And spend quality time with my sweetheart.

Choosing to make these changes in my career has brought me a life where I can care for my health and keep my endometriosis and autoimmune condition in remission.

And the location freedom to live in a remote part of Canada. Where we’re making moves to homestead on our 200-acre forested property. Complete with a horse stable and cow pasture. With a plan to build, move in, and be fully off-grid within the next five years.

This work that I now teach and guide you through helped me to go from 12-hour days in my clinic seeing back-to-back patients. Being constantly exhausted. Struggling with endometriosis flare-ups. Using my evenings and weekends to try to recover. Putting my hobbies on the back burner. And feeling so burned out and unfulfilled…

...To living a life that feels joyful, fulfilling, and nourishing. Having rich conversations where I’m able to be all of me. And creating impact that has me jumping out of bed in the morning, energized and excited to connect with my day.

If I can create this change, let this be evidence that you can create the life and career that you deeply love, as well.

If you’re ready, I look forward to teaching you a powerful tool and method that will help you better trust your intuition and up-level your dream career or business.

Michelle picks up on things you would never see. Her revelations about me were spot on. It's like she has a 6th sense. Her work is seriously life-changing. You become free
Michelle is very intuitive and great at digging deep into the root, giving me helpful insights, reframe things, and put it all into perspective.
I can really understand now how to trust my own answers and believe that they are true. And seeing other people share their answers during the exercises really helped me trust my own
Class participant

What to expect

Once you enter your first name and email address, you'll get instant access to a 30-minute video lesson. In the video, you'll get an introduction to the technique, then you'll be guided to try the technique out for yourself. This comprises the first half of the video.

Then, for the next ten minutes, two participants who were live for the class share their results with the technique. Everyone who's learned this method has found it helpful to learn what other people's experience was.

Finally, in the final five minutes of the video, I give you helpful tips and suggestions on how to use this tool in your day-to-day life, to make the most empowered and aligned choices for yourself — in your career, relationships, and every area of your life.

You'll receive an email with access to the video as well, so you can watch it as often as you need. You'll also receive an audio link to listen to the guided portion only, which you can listen to ongoing, to help you get the most profound and empowering results from this technique.

Get my powerful tool that will take you from indecision to clear, confident decision making and skyrocket your level of enjoyment with your career or business...and entire life

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