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Meet Your Presenter

Hey there, I'm Michelle.

My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m a Naturopathic Doctor turned Empowerment Coach & Transformation Facilitator.

I help women who’ve been struggling with fatigue, pain, bloating, weight, autoimmune conditions, and endometriosis who’ve tried what seems like all the diets & treatments with no avail. 

Once we transform nervous system responses & heal unresolved stress & emotions, everything changes for the better – even if they’d tried what seems like everything for months & years.

Energy & digestion improve, pain is better managed or resolves completely, brain fog clears, and weight naturally balances.

You see, unless the nervous system is relaxed, nothing else we do will work as efficiently or sustainably. 

Stress in the nervous system triggers the immune system, which is bad news especially for autoimmune conditions & endometriosis. This stress also affects hormones, metabolism, and so much more. This is why these first steps are the most critical.

I hope I adequately explained in the above video just how important regulating the nervous system is to help you get better control over all aspects of your health. 

If you resonated with the information in the video above and you’re ready for the how-to, I invite you to get the full Relaxing You Workshop. It’s jam-packed with valuable tools & techniques, and so much more.

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