There is a remedy for your ails

Only, it's not where you were looking

Awaken your Inner Healer

with Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

Identify and release what’s keeping you from becoming your own self-healer so you can prosper in every aspect of your health and life, even if everything else you tried hasn’t worked as well as expected.

If you've tried all the diets, supplements, medications, and therapy to get control over your health, mood, and symptoms — but you know deep down the solution resides within yourself, if you could just figure out how to tap into it — The Remedy Within is for you.

Often, when you’re been affected by mystery symptoms or chronic illness like autoimmune or endometriosis like I have, you believe if you can find just the right medication, supplement, or diet, you’ll be fine.

You may go from one medical doctor to another, trying to find just the right treatment that will help, or from functional medicine or naturopathic doctor to another, hoping if they can find just the right lab test, supplement protocol, or therapeutic diet, they can turn this around.

For many I work with, they’ll find some relief and improvement, but will quickly plateau and may even find their symptoms eventually worsen again. Others may not find much if any improvement at all, even if they’ve whittled down to the strictest of plans, like AIP or Carnivore.

And for others, they’ve already come to realize that stress, emotions, and unhealed trauma trigger their symptoms. They know these lingering issues are a missing piece of their puzzle that need to be healed.

However, therapists and counsellors have only been partly helpful.

They feel therapy, while it provides some insight, doesn’t offer the level of depth that will move the needle in the way they want. They feel they’re not getting down to the true roots.

Or they don’t feel they receive the solutions that would create the profound shift they’re looking for to finally break free from the things that are holding them back.

And many who I work with have also come to realize that their nervous system is more sensitive than most. 

They may resonate with terms like highly sensitive person (HSP), empath, or neurodivergent. 

But they may feel overwhelmed and confused as to what they can do to truly manage this sensitivity, ease the anxiety that can be associated with that overwhelm, and turn it into a superpower instead of thinking of it as a weakness.

This cycle of external seeking for just the right solution, answer, or treatment can leave you feeling continuously disappointed, frustrated, and increasingly hopeless.

When all of this happens, you feel you have no control over your symptoms or health, the impacts of which spill over to every other aspect of life, including relationships, career, purpose, and everything in between.

What’s ignored in this scenario is a very important root that is affecting all of the above: your social conditioning.

Beliefs, emotions, and behaviours picked up during developmental years can leave you not trusting yourself or the answers that are best for you, your health, body, and whole life. 

And when you’re not aware that this conditioning is running the show, you don’t feel like you have control. It creates a vicious cycle that worsens everything.

The true missing piece of the puzzle in this scenario is to identify and release the underlying conditioning that’s keeping you stuck — through Social UNconditioning.

Once you’ve shed what’s holding you back, you can then experience real healing, by discovering your Inner Healer within.

It’s a life-changing paradigm shift that involves healing the most important relationship in the world: with yourself.

When you do, everything changes

Your body has the opportunity to heal. Relationships with everyone around you improve and become richer. Careers become more fulfilling, raises and promotions are had, and opportunities seem to magically drop into your lap.

You finally trust yourself and realize you have the power within you to feel in control of it all. When you realize this, true transformation takes place.

You discover you’re your own knight in shining armour, and It’s life-changing.

You step out of just surviving and into full blossoming mode. Your soul sings and your light shines. You feel empowered and truly liberated in every way.

This is what awakening your own inner healer is all about, and it goes miles beyond diet, supplements, medications, and external treatments.

This is how your find your Remedy Within.

let's dig into the details

Here's some things you'll experience on your transformative 8-month journey...

Phase one

Nervous System Regulation

Before we can do anything else, it’s important to teach your nervous system that it’s now safe, provide moments of calm, and improve nervous system flexibility so that you will be able to take in the rest of the information in the program and make the shifts more quickly, easily, and sustainably. It helps create a strong foundation.

Phase two

Meet yourself

Discover who you really are on the inside and uncover your true needs and desires. Find out what you’ve really wanted all along…you might be pleasantly surprised what you uncover through this eye-opening process.

Phase three

Connect the dots

Put the pieces of your personal and health journey puzzles together so you can see and understand the layers of conditioning that have impacted your beliefs, emotions, and behaviours, and how it’s all affected your health.

I have a special talent to sleuth out and help you see the things that have been hidden from view. Seeing these connections delivers “aha” moments of life-changing clarity.

Phase four


Shed those layers of conditioning that have been keeping you stuck and create new, more productive ones that make your soul sing in fabulous ways. Personalized techniques and supportive guidance through this process will help you feel lighter and freer in body, mind, and soul.

Phase five

Heal your relationship with you

Once you see how all the dots connect and uncondition yourself from external beliefs, this sets the stage for you to develop deep, compassionate love, trust, and acceptance of yourself. You come to realize just how magnificent you truly are, and it changes absolutely everything. It creates a paradigm shift that awakens your inner healer.

Phase six

Calibrate your inner compass

Explore how you truly want your health, relationships, career, purpose, and entire life to unfold — now, and going forward — now that you’ve stepped out of survival mode and into full thriving mode. Design youor own unique blueprint for life so that you can create the present and future you truly desire and calibrate your inner compass to your personal true north.

Phase seven

Skyrocket your potential

Magnify and grow your inner potential and purpose, step into the life you’re truly meant for, and watch your well-being, relationships, career, and entire life catapult in ways you never imagined. Observe with pride and awe what you’ve been able to accomplish during the intensive, and celebrate with excitement how your life is now unfolding

Let's wrap it all up

Here's what's included:

A comprehensive initial assessment to put together pieces of your health puzzle so we both understand your specific root causes, connect dots, and start getting life-changing “aha” moments of deep clarity

Regular supportive 1-on-1 transformation sessions over Zoom for guidance, support, accountability, and troubleshooting so you can easily achieve your transformation. Each session provides catalyzing clarity, life-changing paradigm shifts, continued progression, and growth

Customized step-by-step action plans which are tailored specifically for your needs every step of the way. there are no cookie cutter protocols — it’s a highly personalized journey at every step

Private clients channel voice & text support between sessions (It’s like having me in your back pocket!)

Personalized flower essence & essential oil blends, dietary troubleshooting, and natural supplement suggestions to support your progress for even quicker and more effective results (optional, but very helpful)

Access to resources and tools which you get to keep forever

The Remedy Within

When you find the change within yourself, you liberate your inner healer. Then, everything finally falls into place. It's the root that will transform your life.
This is your Remedy Within.

Life-changing results

What clients have said:

“I don’t know what would have made this program better, it was better than I expected. I didn’t think it was possible to make that much progress in such a short time.

After working together, I feel more at peace with myself. I feel safer, more in control, an internal glow, happiness and confidence. I learned to trust myself, believe in myself, actually love and respect myself and I’ve found faith in the world again. I no longer feel like I’m fighting my way through life.

I’m very sensitive and I felt openness and acceptance at every turn and like she genuinely cared. She helped me feel seen, heard, and safe.”


 “The positive changes I’ve experienced by doing this work with Michelle have been honestly life-changing. I was shocked to see so many of my physical symptoms improve with emotional healing work alone.

Michelle made me feel completely safe and understood. She has a very warm and comforting presence and I could tell she genuinely cared. She put so much effort into our sessions and each one felt incredibly productive.

Now, I feel amazing! I feel healthy for the first time in my life. Finally, after years of battling health issues and getting nowhere, I have answers and a way forward.”


“My life has changed completely, and all for the better. I now feel as though I am who I was always intended to be, the best version of me. Someone who is in control and more at peace than I have felt in years. Michelle helped me heal from the inside out. This program is the kindest thing I have done for myself”


“After working with Michelle everything about me changed. Michelle guided me towards a way of thinking that relieved emotional burdens that I have been carrying for years. Now the pain is gone, I feel a lot lighter and energetic. 

I want others to know that this program is life changing.”


“After working with Michelle I feel more grounded, mindful, better able to cope with stress and more at peace with my life, and have a heart full of joy. I feel like I connected with Michelle more than any other practitioner that I have ever worked with. 

Working with Michelle has been one of the best investments I have made for both my health and my life. I can’t thank her enough for all the positive impacts working with her has had on my life”


“Michelle is such a good listener and gentle, compassionate person. I found that I was able to talk with her about any issue in my life, and she was able to connect the dots for me in a way that was kind, non-judgemental, and encouraging. 

Over time, I felt better, stronger, happier. I’ve been able to move beyond stress management and into cultivating joy and fulfillment in my life. It’s been an incredible journey and very much worth the financial investment.”


Elizabeth* is a 40 year old woman who’s struggled with autoimmunity for several years. After a major stress in her life, she reached a breaking point. Her symptoms worsened to the point where she was forced to stop working.

She experienced extreme fatigue and brain fog, nausea, dizziness, pain, anxiety, and so much more. She was diagnosed with not just multiple autoimmune conditions, but had symptoms that aligned with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), histamine intolerance, postural orthostatic hypotension (POTs), and dysautonomia.

She had so much she wanted to accomplish in her life, but her body wouldn’t allow for it. She was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless.

She’d seen innumerable medical doctors, tried all the medications she was given. She whittled her diet all the way to ruminant meat-only Carnivore. Saw the therapists and counsellors. Went to naturopathic doctors, and tried everything she could think of.

While all of the above helped somewhat, she felt like she was just hanging on by a thread. And she certainly didn’t feel as functional as she envisioned for herself.

Because of this arduous path, Elizabeth had doubts that she could improve, but she was willing to give my unique and powerful process a try. She was desperate to find change; she just couldn’t live like this any longer.

We started first by teaching the nervous system how to feel safe and calm. This started to improve anxiety and mental clarity. There was still a ways to go, but she was starting to see little bits of improvement.

As I helped her see how the pieces of her life puzzle fit together, she was starting to see things in a different way. Then, we could address what social conditioning from her early years impacted how she sees the world, her beliefs, feelings, and how she shows up in the world with her behaviours and actions.

As she started to see how those outdated beliefs were running the show, she could start working on Unconditioning from them. An important part of releasing what no longer served her was to heal her relationship with herself.

She started by meeting the younger versions of herself—the ones that had the experiences that laid down her social conditioning and belief system. She started to learn what those parts of her were missing and what they needed in order to feel better.

As the pieces of understanding started to come together, she had her “aha” moment of clarity. She finally saw that everything she thought, felt, and believed in her life was her trying to keep herself safe.

We all have an innate need during our developmental years to achieve a feeling of safety and acceptance. If the emotional environment is unsafe, unpredictable, volatile, unsupportive, it will affect what we think about ourselves, others, and life in general. And we will adjust our beliefs, emotions, and behaviours in order to achieve a sense of safety and acceptance. It’s all subconscious, and it’s all based on survival.

Elizabeth finally saw the truth behind it all. And it opened a floodgate of loving compassion for herself like she never experienced.

She could finally see that she was never broken. That underneath it all, she’s a pure, whole, beautiful person, and that never changed. That she had just been blinded to this fact because of the conditioning she experienced—which affected the lens through which she saw herself.

Once she saw these truths, she could see how she was pushing herself to do things in life she didn’t want to do because that’s what she thought society expected of her. She realized she was putting everyone before herself because she didn’t want to rock the boat or have anyone upset.

And she saw how these tendencies were helpful when she was young, but are no longer serving her now.

Elizabeth also realized that her body was trying to give her messages with her physical and emotional symptoms. They were warning signs that something in her life wasn’t aligned. That she wasn’t taking herself into consideration. That she was doing what others wanted, not what she wanted.

She started to understand the language of her body, and recognize signals before they became overwhelming. She could step in and course correct before her body would reach its upper limits.

Elizabeth also became more and more aware of the sensory needs of her nervous system. She resonates with the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and she knows loud sounds and too many people all at once can feel too much. She also easily picks up on other people’s emotions, and can easily take them on as her own. She learned how to prevent herself reaching her threshold, and how to not take on what she didn’t need to from others.

As she went through this process, she started developing deep love and acceptance of herself. Something she never before experienced. She gave herself grace, discovered what she truly wanted in life, and stepped into a completely new reality for herself.

During this process, her energy returned, the brain fog cleared, anxiety calmed down, pain resolved, autoimmune symptoms feel completely under control, food sensitivities improved, histamine issues cleared, and nausea and dizziness only shows up when she pushes herself beyond her limits, which is becoming an event few and far between.

She not just regained a sense of hope for herself, but for the world at large. She started noticing that not only was she improving, but the relationships she had with others around her were improving, as well. Her children were thriving like never before. Her marriage has blossomed even deeper than ever. Her friendships have become rich and fulfilling.

And not only was she able to get back to work, but she found a new and improved position that she feels happy and joyful with (and gets paid more for!). She looks forward to going into work now, and she knows that she’s more aligned with her purpose than ever.

Elizabeth tells me now that she has joy in her heart and a bounce in her step. She feels calm, safe, and aligned, and excited for her present and future that’s unfolding in beautiful ways. She sees that while she’s opened up her life to this magnificent potential, this is just the beginning, and she’s ready for the magic!

She realizes now just how much her relationship with herself and her perceptions based on social conditioning were holding her back from feeling her best. And how the pressure she was putting on herself as a result was keeping her sick, despite the strictest of therapeutic diets, medications, therapies, and treatments.

This powerful process guided her back to the truth of who she really is, and reminded her that she has all the power within her. When she healed from the inside, everything finally fell into place. This is the power of finding your Remedy Within.



*Name and personal identifying details have been changed for privacy reasons

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

So what's my story?

Hi there! I’m Michelle Dowker, Naturopathic Doctor turned Emotional Transformation Facilitator.

I have 20 years of combined formal education and clinical experience, which includes an Honours Bachelor of Science in biomedical science, a Master of Science in human biology & nutritional science, both from the University of Guelph, Canada, and a four-year Naturopathic Doctor diploma, from the accredited Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

I've also accumulated a wide variety of additional experience from informal and continuing education, from teachers such as herbalists, acupuncturists, reiki practitioners, Shaman healers and Buddhist nuns. I've also received many certifications including life coach and reiki practitioner.

I understand how frustrating it is to deal with unrelenting symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and pain. I myself have endometriosis and an autoimmune condition. 

Diet & supplements only got me so far to improve my well-being when I was knocked down with an autoimmune & endometriosis flare.

I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated with my body & health, and I believed if I could just follow a dietary & supplement protocol strictly enough I would recover.

Then I realized these things only helped to a degree, even though I had whittled all the way down to AIP then further down meat-only Carnivore — my results plateaued & my sensitivity to foods got continuously worse.

So I focused on going inward & Unconditioning all the beliefs, emotions, and behaviours I had accumulated over my lifetime that have been holding me back & impacting my health & whole life.

I learned that when I shed the social conditioning that had run my life & healed my relationship with myself, I stopped judging & criticizing myself, and finally found a sense of peace, joy, and deep purpose within, regardless of what was happening outside or even inside of me.

I also realized that embracing my sensitiveness as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) turned it into my superpower, instead of a weakness.

I finally understood that in order to get the results I wanted with my health & symptoms, I had to make the deep inner shifts to achieve more effective, impactful, and sustainable healing. It changed my life on every level.

Now I help women with mystery symptoms & chronic illnesses like autoimmune and endometriosis break free from the frustration & overwhelm of trying all the diets, supplements, medications, and therapy to no avail — and finally achieve the level of energy, health, relationships, career, joy, and purpose they know they deserve — by guiding them to their own Inner Healer. It’s revolutionary work.

I have limited spots available each month for those who’ve tried all the approaches and are ready to dive deep into Social Unconditioning & self-healing so they can liberate themselves from what holds them back from achieving the body, health, and life they really want.

It’s truly a life-changing experience. For the person who’s ready, their only regret is that they didn’t start sooner.

Hit the Apply Now button to apply and secure your spot

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