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Uncondition™ from what's limiting your greatness so you can soar

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My name is Michelle Dowker, I’m an Intuitive Career Pivot Mentor for Highly Ambitious Sensitive People who are ready to make career moves that allow your dream life to unfold, while doing meaningful, impactful work that truly makes you happy.

After leaving my busy career as a Naturopathic Doctor behind, I started a new business built around my joy for sharing my intuitive gifts, while moving to live in the Canadian wilderness and working towards my dream of living fully off-grid. I support my clients to make the changes to their careers and business that bring all of their deepest desires for freedom and impact into reality.

Shift how you see yourself

And you'll find the key that unlocks the door to your inner liberation

It’s your time.

You’ve given your all to everyone else and realize it’s not delivering the results you expected.

No matter what you do to “fit in”, please others, or make things “just right”.

It’s time to do things differently.

To befriend the one person that will always be with you through thick or thin: Yourself.

Heal, shift, and restore the way you see yourself and discover that it changes absolutely everything, about both your inner and outer world.

Come home to you.

In this place, you feel joyful, balanced, and filled with purpose and ease.

When you discover this paradigm within yourself, your relationships transform in enriching ways, especially the one with yourself.

You realize the magic and power you hold, which heals not only yourself, but everyone around you.

You discover this is the key that releases the shackles that have been holding you back from living your life on your terms, in your way.

This is your awakening: to yourself and your magnificence.

No more seeking answers because you realize you have them within.

No more trying to fix yourself because you realize you were never broken.

No more confusion, frustration, resentment, or burnout.

This is the key that unlocks a whole new world you never knew existed.

It is in this world you find your liberation.
This is who you are.

You’re ready for it.

I gained more than I ever thought I needed

Michelle is like a balm for your soul

She will help you find your way to your truth and your answers.

Press play below to listen to Rebecca's experience working with Michelle:

As Featured In

I feel empowered

This work will build you in ways you probably didn’t know were possible!

Working with Michelle has been an experience of unlocking my own potential and truly coming to understand and connect with the power I have.

I reclaimed my personal power

I feel more empowered and peaceful than I ever have

I have experienced more profound peace and self-acceptance than ever before in my life. It's night and day to how I was operating before. I am putting myself first and facing the world through my truth.

This is truly deep transformative work that heals from the inside out.

You have magic within you.

Claim it.

When you awaken to and accept the magnificence of who you truly are, you will harness your sensitivity as a superpower, find your centre, and heal your life and all relationships in it...especially with yourself.

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Grab the toolkit for highly sensitives, recovering people pleasers & trauma recovery, for FREE

Get a copy of the 6-minute grounding and uplifting audio meditation I use daily to feel centred and empowered, for FREE!

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