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When you know and understand what's happening in your own mind & body, then you can take control of your own wellness.

Browse the collection of free resources & online programs below that will help you get control over your symptoms, so you can start feeling like you again.

Free Resources:

5 essential factors to find relief from endometriosis and autoimmune

5 essential factors for relief

Grab this guide to find out what five essential factors are vital to get better control over symptoms of endometriosis & autoimmune

6-step roadmap for endometriosis & autoimmune

6-step roadmap Masterclass

Get this masterclass presentation for a detailed action plan & checklist to get started on getting relief from symptoms of endometriosis & autoimmune


Creating Calm Formula

The Creating Calm Formula

The best strategy to overcome the overwhelm of anxious thoughts & worry, even if life seems too stressful. It's a step-by-step program that contains the top tools Michelle uses to help her clients get control of even the worst stress & anxiety.

Cut the Sugar Keep the Chocolate

Struggling with cutting sugar from your diet? This step-by-step program guides you how to adopt a low-sugar lifestyle in a way that you won't feel deprived, while enjoying chocolatey indulgences.

1-on-1 Support:

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

Get customized solutions & Guidance

If you're looking for personalized solutions to give you the best results quickly and effectively, then my 6 month 1-on-1 support package is your best bet. I help you fine-tune your diet so you know exactly what works best for your body, and help you establish the most effective stress management strategies so you can feel calm and in control of your life and your health.

I specifically help women with endometriosis and autoimmune finally overcome fatigue, brain fog, pain, and bloating so they can get their lives back and feel like themselves again. This package is by application only, as limited spots are available each month. Click on the link to apply for a free clarity session, and we can decide together if this option is the best fit for you.

Questions? Send an email to michelle@wellbalance.ca