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6-step roadmap for endometriosis & autoimmune

6-step roadmap Masterclass

Get this masterclass presentation for a detailed action plan & checklist to get started on getting relief from symptoms of endometriosis & autoimmune

Unlock the Full Power of the Carnivore Diet

You've been trying the Carnivore diet to improve your energy & mental clarity, and get control over pain, bloating, and stubborn weight. But it's not working as well as you'd like.

There's some important things to consider that will make the Carnivore way of eating more powerful and deliver better results...

And for some, can make reintroduction possible once the healing happens.

Online Self-Study Programs:

Creating Calm Formula

The Creating Calm Formula

The best strategy to overcome the overwhelm of anxious thoughts & worry, even if life seems too stressful. It's a step-by-step program that contains the top tools Michelle uses to help her clients get control of even the worst stress & anxiety.

Cut the Sugar Keep the Chocolate

Struggling with cutting sugar from your diet? This step-by-step program guides you how to adopt a low-sugar lifestyle in a way that you won't feel deprived, while enjoying chocolatey indulgences.

1-on-1 Guided Support:

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND

Get customized solutions & Guidance

I offer a life-changing package for women with endometriosis or autoimmune conditions who've tried what seems like all the diets and therapies, and are ready and willing to try a unique and customized approach to finally overcome fatigue, brain fog, pain, and bloating so they can get their lives back and feel like themselves again, even if nothing they've tried to date has worked.

This program isn't for everyone, but for who it's for, it's life-changing in beautiful ways. So admission to this personalized 1:1 support program is by application only, to make sure you and I a good fit. Click here to learn more & apply or on my picture above, and we can decide together if this option is the best fit for you. If not, I'll share with you what other options or solutions might be in your best interest.

Want a taste-test?

If you're looking for a kickstart and a sample of what I have to offer, my Kickstart Bundle might be for you. It doesn't give you the level of support, accountability, and transformation as my 6-month program, but it will give you a push in the right direction to get you started. Click here to learn more about the Kickstart Bundle

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